Does anyone in your family have mav?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone else in your family have MAV? Dr. Hain said it usually runs in families. It turns out I have a genetic predisposition for this condition.
My aunt,grandmother, great aunt, brothers and cousin have migraines so I guess that’s how I got it. :frowning:


My father has had them for as long as I can remember , he said his started in his late twenties. My grandmother had them really bad as i remember as a child she used to be in bed for days with hers, at that time they did not have the medications they have today.

So yes my family has a history.

My Dad gets migraine headaches with aura, though he’s never had any balance disorder symptoms. Oddly enough, my mother, who’s never had a migraine headache in her life, had a two-week episode of intense tinnitus and dizziness about 20 years ago (it went away and she’s been fine since). I talked to her mother, and she said she got that once, too. So who knows. Put the two together and you get me?

Lots in my family have migraine - grandmother, brother, sister, neices, nephews (but neither of my parents), however no one has any problems with vertigo or other motion issues. I’m the only one with that.

Not that I know of, so I doubt it. I don’t know of any family member with migraines either, the only one I’ve heard about is my great grandmother, IIRC.

Hi Emma ,
yes my dad has rocking and migraine, he also has epilepsy, migriane is a comorbid condition with epilepsy.
My mum has had migriane and also has tringminal neuralgia, with aura.
My brother has migraine, cousin as well so did my nanna.

jen : :smiley:

No one that I know of…Unless undiagnosed

With the exception of my Sister who has Classic Migraiens…no one else in my family suffered from MAV or Migraineus headaches.


My mother has had classic migraines since her 20’s. Her headaches worsened after her hysterectomy. She has an occassional dizzy spell - which only lasts moments - and is positional so it sounds more like BPPV to me.