Does anyone know of a doctor in the Jacksonville, FL area that is familiar with chronic 24/7 MAV and has been able to help? I was diagnosed about 10 years ago at the Hearing and Balance Institute. I take .5 x5 kolonipin daily

I have realized I am far from fixed and still feel aweful everyday. I need someone who specializes in MAV to help. I don’t want to go back to the Hearing and Balance Institute. I don’t think they quite understand the whole scope of it.

Here is the link to a past discussion on good doctors in the U.S. Maybe there is one from Florida. Good luck. “Top MAV doctors in United States. In the
Information Vault -
Physicians, Specialists & Clinics” Put this in search.

Could you send the link again. Thanks! This is in the Information Vault section of mvertigo. Hopefully there will be someone from your area. University doctors are usually pretty good. Good Luck. ( Hope this is helpful. Good luck.

I know this may sound random, but I am so glad to hear of someone else who finds relief in a benzo drug. I take a .5 Klonopin before bed and 1/2 .5 Ativan in the morning. I hate the fact the benzos seem to be the only class of drug that helps, but they do. I just wish they would figure something else out. Anyone out there notice the MAV worse during 2nd half of menstrual cycle??