Does anyone take more than 75 mg/day of Effexor?

I already take 75 mg/day of amitriptyline and 10mg/day of Libruim (a benzo). My neurologist wants me to increase the Effexor to 150 mg/day. Has anyone noticed symptoms improving at a higher dose? I know I’m taking a ton of stuff, but it all keeps me functional. The benzo + amitrip doesn’t make me very sleepy b/c I’m used to it.

Just wanted to let you know that on the Mayo clinic website, it says effexor is good for migraine at 150mg and higher. My guess is because effexor doesn’t hit Noreinephrine until you get to higher doses. Nortriptyline Hits NE first and then serotonin, and is a very common rx for migraine. Ur getting serotonin and low amounts of NE on ur regimen, and also GABA…(from benzo). You might get better relief from going up.


I’m taking 150 mg. of effexor a day. It helps as I’m feeling 90% better. For many doctors, 75 mg. seems to be their maximum dose for MAV. However, mine was willing to increase the dosage as 75 mg. was only making me feel slightly better. Good luck.