Does exercise increase mav symptoms?

Another question for you all - my husband works out all the time and has started a workout program called PX90. I have started doing it with him. However…the jumping etc. seems to bring on the elevator feeling briefly. A lot of the exercises I sit out on. It is a high intensity workout and I probably should not being doing it just yet. I know exercise is good for almost every condition, but should I just stick to walking and maybe an exercise bike? Do you guys exercise regularly? I am trying to get into shape to feel better.

  • Nance

Hi Nance,

Have a look at this:

“If exercise sets off your migraine headaches, here’s a tip. Warm up – go for a leisurely walk – for 10 minutes before starting any strenuous exercise. According to a new study, it might just prevent those horrendous, delayed-reaction headaches from ever occurring.” … -migraines

Scott 8)

Thanks Scott!! :smiley: I am just trying to do everything right…exercise, diet, sleep, less stress. Hopefully this will decrease or diminish my MAV symptoms.


I think the only “exercise” that I’m able to do is swim. If I try anything that “gets my blood pumping”, I’ll feel dizzy. The swimming was terrific last summer because our pool water was cool & soothed my head.

I feel better while exercising and for a while afterwards too, but I v often seem to get a pretty bad headache in the evening :frowning: