Does the visual problem ever go away?

Hi everyone,
my symptoms are mainly triggered by a complex visual environment - patterns, shadows, the shiny polished halls at work, cans and boxes on stores shelves . . .the list is endless. I even went into a major spin looking at a display case of lottery tickets! I am also motion intolerant - I am good in a vehicle but I have trouble with people moving towards me, which makes going to a grocery store or a mall absolute hell. Does this awful symptom ever go away with treatment? I think I would die right now in a big store like Walmart! - Lisa


I am also motion intolerant and to make things worse i am one of the unlucky ones who never out grew Motion Sickness. When i’m in Walmart…it’s all the chatting, children screaming and running around, and people walking around and if it’s a bit crowded that can make the motion more noticeable. I take a small amount of Anti-anxiety medication once a day and that helps to Melt some of the motion down. It’s basically too much Stimula that aggravates the condition. If i were to walk in Walmart with only 5 people in it i would be fine. But as you know, what are the chances of that unless it’s at a walmart that stays open 24 hrs a day and you go in at 3am…Lol


Hi Joe,
do you take any preventative medications for MAV? I was just wondering if any of them help with motion intolerance - Lisa

Hi Lisa
Dr. Hain, a reputable neuro in thus field, says that effexor us the best for the visual hypersensitivity. I have tried it twice, and was unable to get to a therapeutic dose. I will say the visual stuff is my main complaint, and I have felt so much better wgen raking the klonapin lately. Very small punts seem to calm that area of my brain. I didn’t take it today, and it’s back to crap… Not horrible, but off. I will start it again tmrw… Just keeping it really in check.
Benzos you know!!