Does this condition just change over time

Since all of this started for me in 2007 and reaching it’s real plato in 2008 it is like it is an evolving animal every week and sometimes every day. With the symptoms always changing it is hard to explain and to deal with.

What started out as a spinning, totally debilitating headaches ,spacial disorientation, wav like sensation has really changed over the last months. When I had what I refer to as my crash in 2008 I was spinning, could not hardly walk, was mostly bedridden and really unable to function for July -October. Then I changed my diet and lifestyle and started seeing some improvement. But the wav like sensation, heavy head, brain fog…remained. But the spinning that was there initially was not there again except one attack in November.

Then in December I started having a lot of numbness, tingling, muscle spasms. They have lighten since that time. Then I started in January having the issue with the pulsating in the left side of my head. And the tinnitus. That has stayed constant. The heavy head feeling and the wav like sensation are always right under the surface. At this point the anxiety started to really reach its peak. And that has remained constant since that time.

Then I started having constant pains all over , burning like sensations , muscle twitchings…

Then I started having real issue with my stomach which are still unresolved…still all the time the heavy head, and wav like sensations coming and going but not as much. But no debilitating headaches…

I am on no meds except a small dose of valium once a day…I keep telling myself every time something new comes up if that would go away I could deal with the others…but the symptoms keep changing so what to do.

How have your symptoms changed over time…or have they? And I wonder would they change with or without the meds?

Still searching for answers…

My neurologist says definitely migraines change over time. Personally, this has helped me not to freak out every time something new and weird happens. Some consolation at least. :slight_smile:

Hi Timeless,

I think it’s worth remembering Dr Rauch’s answer to one of the questions. He said the following:

As noted above, migraine is not “curable” – it is part of your brain chemistry. The active symptoms may go in and out of remission over your lifetime, but once a migraineur, always a migraineur. In my experience it is common to see patients who have achieved excellent symptom control. When they come for a check-up and have been symptom-free for 4-6 months, half of them say, “I feel great. I don’t need these pills any more”. The other half say, “I feel great. I’m never going to stop taking these pills”. IF my patient has had 4-6 months of symptom control and IF they want to go off their migraine suppressant, we give it a try. If the symptoms relapse, the patient goes back on their medication(s).

I have seen in myself how this disease morphs over time. I think when symptoms are controlled the changing pattern ends because it is not free to express itself. If something new arrives or shifts, don’t be alarmed. It’s just the same animal changing its coat.