Does this sound like MAV?

I’m Mike i’m 21 years old and live in New Jersey and had this for a year in a half now. Does these symptoms sound like MAV to you?

Disequalibrium- 24-7

Rocking - like if I step it feels like the ground sinks kinda like a trampoline…- this also fluctuates could have 8 days feelin around 70 percent well and 8days in a row feeling like 30percent well, like good days and bad in a row.

Headaches- def could be very disabling like pulsating, most of mine are in the morning as i awaken but could have some random times during the day. They kind of feel better when i Actually stand up and jump up and down. 3-4 a week last hours
relief from advil for acute treatment

Visual Issues- thing kinda look like they are moving, wavy vison, floaters in the left eye mostly, if I would look up into the sky you could see all these black dots, unsteady vision things arent steady.

Tightness in neck- 24/7 when the rocking dizziness is bad the tightness is also worst and its mostly worst on the left side of the neck area.

Jaw- on the left side is kind of tight as well

Muscle twitches- helped with magnesium

depression used to have anxiety when it started

even when still and close my eye it feel as if the ground is slightly moving beneath me

minor ringing in the left ear.

motion sensitive when riding in a car also if i look out the window eyes cant really track anything worst with high speed like if im looking at a car on the opposite side of the highway the cars seem to be skipping almost like they r lagging. (any1 have this issue???)

Kind of wierd how my symptoms are worst on my left side also… any1 have this either?

History- Started when I was on vacation… drinking all week also went on a short 45 minute cruise pretty much the day after i started noticing symptoms i saw mdds but its hard to say if this is mdds or mav. this condition tends to be worst with lack of sleep also and poor diet. Tried VRT didnt help wasnt responding to it. Tried Nortriptyline and migraine diet reached about 85mg a day didnt help either. Only thing that seemed to help was magnesium 1000mg with that much magnesium there seems to be less pressure and the ground doesnt rock as much so which is why i think this might be linked to migraine but who knows. Tried neck therapy and chiropractic treatment still not cured. Before all this started I would have baddd headaches that would awaken me at night or throughout the day.

I have an appointment with Dr. Newman in NY in October and was wondering if anyone knows about him or seen him as I really need HELP here and this is destroying my youth. I find it weird how this fluctuates like good days and bad days but it just never goes away and the vision issues are always there… :?:

HI MIke,
Yes, you most def sound like many of us on this site. The symptoms vary from person to person, but sounds like you are getting quite a few of the effects of this godawful condition. Glad you found this forum. It is great to have others who know what you are going through, as well as how much you can learn from everyone.

Chances are you will be in the boat with the rest of us, trialing meds to help you. Have you had a history, or family history of migraine? I never had any episode, or family episode of anything migraine until this stuff crept up on me 1 1/2 years ago. I take meds that help, but it is a constant daily battle. SOme days better than others.

The book “Heal your Headache” was very informative for me. Also, Dr. Hain in chicago has a very informative and insightful website

Good luck!!

Hi MIke,
I can relate to this and I am 21 also. Its def hard being so young and having to deal with this crap. I have a lot of the same symptoms and like you everything seems worse on the left side?? My neck is always more tense there and if I get headaches its on that side. But for me driving actually makes it better.

Mike, I have your same symptoms, including the skipping vision stuff. I have tried emailing you and am getting no reply. I wish you would come back and update us…