Does this sound like mav?

Another question.Talked to my ent doc last Monday and she is thinking that my problems are probably mav related.

Have been having these wierd blood pressure type changes,I am on Verapamil and Serc.The feeling when you stand up to quickly.Only mine seem to last around 30 seconds instead of the momentary ones I have experienced before.

I also keep getting these blood pressure type rushes when I am sitting,it’s kind of hard to describe.
Was on the bus on my way to work and got one,it felt like a panic attack kind of thing.Took a sedative and it calmed down somewhat.
Later in the day went to eat after taking a nap,was exhausted from work.Went to answer phone and when I came back to the table and sat down got another one and almost started to spin,it was like I was on the verge or being pushed kind of feeling?
Have been a bit wobbly since.Had one piece of chocolate when I came home,could this have done it? Have been trying to cut it out,but after this morning I said screw it!
Am going to call my gp tomorrow and talk to him.
My question really is can it feel like a blood pressure rush type feeling or a jolt,have had those too?
Thanks again from a mav newbie!

Hello. I’m not sure if the blood pressure issue that you are experiencing is MAV-related, but I just wanted to post and say that it could be the drug Verapamil causing your problems. For some people, Verapamil can lower your blood pressure even if it was normal before. This is what happened to me. While Verapamil is doing a good job of controlling my MAV symptoms, I find that a side effect has developed where I feel as if my blood sugar is really low and I feel physically weaker and dizzy.

Verapamil can make you feel dizzy especially if your blood pressure is lowered beyond normal. This can happen especially when standing up. Also, I find that if I drink a caffienated beverage or eat chocolate, I feel a little dizzy afterwards. This is something that did not happen before I began taking Verapamil. I do not know anything about the drug Serc and how it may interact with Verapamil’s side effects. Have you monitored your blood pressure during these spells of yours? That may give you a clue if it is a Verapamil side effect.

Good luck resolving this issue.

Thanks for the answer Glass Pawn,
I’m thinking you are probably right about the Verapamil.My bp was slightly high before starting so it has helped lower it.
Have noticed when taking it the last week or so that sometimes it is low when I am standing and lately it has been high.
Go figure.
I think that it is probably anxiety related the more I think about it ,which I should probably stop doing! :smiley:
It’s just that I have had lots of problems with vertigo and I think is this going to be a spin,which probably adds more fuel to the fire so to speak.
I tell you it can be a full time job trying to figure this crap out.
I’m going to try to let go.If it keeps up will check with my doc.