Does this sound like vestibular problem?


my name is Rok, sorry but I have to ask about my symptoms, I got MRI for head and neck and it showed nothing special.

I’m otherwise healty and active 32 year old male. 5 months ago on one afternoon after lunch I was feeling real good and I jumped and landed on a sofa on my back to watch TV.

Right then I started to feel that something is not right in my head, nothing special, just perception of the surrounding was little of. In the evening eyes were very heavy and i started to notice some brain fog.

Brain fog was quite severe for 3 days, I also felt less confident doing every day stuff, like joining meetings at work or driving a car.

After 3 days, brain fog went away but I got left with light headedness, occassional head pressure, pressure at the sides of my face, crawling sensation over my head and occassional weird headaches.
I have a desk job and using computer is the worst - feels like I have a storm in my head and it affects the quality of my work.

I don’t have dizzines, spinning or rocking sensation.

I have good days and bad days, good days are very rare.

I would feel ok for 2 hours, than I would get up to get some water, sit back in front of my computer and that nasty head feeling comes back.

Very often when I go to the stores I get a really weird headache.

When I wake up I am fine, but as I start to get ready for work lightheadedness slowly kicks in.

In the evening I’m almost totally fine.

During the weekends when I sleep a little bit more I always feel lightheaded and useless, I feel good in the evening from around 8 pm on.

Does this sound vestibular? I got a feeling it does. Maybe when I jumped on a sofa, crystals in my ear have dislodged?

Welcome to the board, roco. Sorry to hear you are suffering.

It’s very possible. Brain fog is a massive red flag. But we can’t diagnose here. Go see an oto-neurologist and get checked out and do let us know how you get on with the appointment.

Do you know of a good balance centre in your area?

I wouldn’t second guess. And btw, the ‘crystals’ are embedded in a structure. I’m not at all certain of the science people are using when they talk about ‘crystals dislodging’. There is a lot of ‘loose’ talk in this discipline:


source: wikipedia.

How crystals “become loose and then magically reattach with an abrupt turn of the head” is a complete mystery to me and makes no sense.

Hi, thank you.

I will definitely continue with the research of my problem.

I had a basic otorhinolaryngology inspection but everything seemed fine, balance etc. The doctor said that something could be with the crystals or with the hairs (they have changed position??), and I have some assymetry, that is why I have these sensations.

The aetiology of a lot of balance conditions is not well understood. There is also a possibility of uneven pressure between the two ears, fluid balance being slightly off.

Some people believe migraine causes these kind of symptoms (whilst others the other way around).

The important thing is to engage in some treatment to see what works for you, as everyone is different.

Yes, I have a lot of work in front of me…

I never had migraines before, but I did have my first and only BPPV in the morning for around 40 seconds, 2-3 weeks before my problems started.

BPPV-like symptoms are not uncommon. I used to get mine in the middle of the night or very early morning. I no longer experience those.

It may just take time to go, but do go see an oto-neuro and discuss.

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I agree, get a diagnosis form a neuro otologist. Your GP can refer you to one even if out of area. You could do some research to find one you like the sound of.


Agreed, and over the years I had a dozen Epleys and once, one, actually worked. Not quite magic but not too far off. I was up and dressed and cooked and ate a meal same evening having been flat out a day or two being violently sick with constant vertigo, next minute I was 80%! Never been able to explain that. Helen

ok, i’m seeing neurologist in 1 month, hopefully he will point me in the right direction.

I hope it wont lead me to a psychologist, because that really pisses me off - when people start saying it could be psychological and I am 99,99% sure that is not… :slight_smile:


FWIW, I’m 100% sure you are right.


Yes, I have had the crystals a few times over the years. My doctor was able to do the Epley, and it helped fairly quickly.

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I was amazed when my doctor tried to give me an ‘inferred’ diagnosis of ‘Anxiety’ by suggesting she could prescribe something that she was sure would ensure my husband and I had a happier life! As she said it I could see she was tempted to pat my hand reassuringly but she desisted from doing so. Anybody with prolonged MAV/VM symptoms could possibly end up needing a psychologist but that would be result not effect. Helen

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Before your appointment with the neurologist write down when your symptoms get worse. It is a frustrating process to figure out what the problem is so don’t get discouraged. Ask the neurologist if vestibular therapy would help with your problem. It helps train your brain to rewire and adapt to the new way your body works.

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thanks guys.

I am really afraid things gonna stay the same… how likely is to fully recover?

Impossible to predict even if you find the culprit as things vary so much between individuals.

My moment of madness and one-off trauma has taken 4 years to get ‘almost’ better but still have auditory symptoms. I read about a diver who had MAV like trouble for 10 years. An amateur boxer for just 3.

If it’s something idiopathic you might have to learn to manage it indefinitely, but with the right drugs you can get to 100% in some cases.

One of the big challenges of this condition is the uncertainty and you have to take that on the chin.

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yes, hard question i know.

I just dont get it, last week Thursday i was like completely ok all day, even in front of computer. felt so good i even went shopping after afternoon gym workout and shopped for clothes like 2 hours. :slightly_smiling_face:
i knew i had to take advantage of the good day.

but the next day was worse again, spent weekend lightheaded (or heavy headed, i cant even describe my sensations).

Then on Mon., Tue. back to suffering!

luckily i still manage to go to gym after work almost every day, makes me feel better.

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watch you don’t lift weights until you’ve ruled out a hydropic ear (not straightforward but see an oto-neuro but caveat: not all of them understand what this even means! They think hydrops = menieres. Thankfully doctors exist that know the distinction). I have a hydropic ear and the head pressure of lifting weights brings on symptoms. I stick to rowing these days.

I googled hydropic ear, i dont have any hearing changes or tinnitis.
And after a workout I feel ok…

Yes but you have a balance and neurological issue. You can’t hear labyrinth signals. I didn’t have any hearing impact for 6 months from my trauma. There was a delayed onset of hearing symptoms.

Get it checked out by a professional.

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i will, thanks!

balance issues I luckily dont have.

the problem is in our country all doctors are overloaded and waiting times are long and I really wanna know whats going on, soon.