Does this sound like vestibular problem?

You are practically recovered already :wink:

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i wish, i never had balance issues, vertigo, dizzines and rocking sensation. just quite severe lightheadednes, head and face pressure, rumble in head, slight tingling in head, weird headaches… , still sucks…

Yes it does. Brain fog is terrible. There’s a lot of medication that has a good track record of helping with that.

For now give up caffeine (steadily)

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I would but i dont drink coffee, just one cup of green tea usually after breakfast.

Will try to eliminate even that, although i suspect there are other bigger triggers, just cant find them, maybe i should keep a log of foods and habits before bed and in the morning, yup…

Computers/screens generally, shopping - ‘2 hours in supermarket’ was it, being hours in the gym, and all that weight lifting, and most of these (except the actual lifting) relate to artificial lights, so I’d put that top of the triggers list. And that’s just the environmental trigggers. Have you asked your doctor if you could try Amitriptyline? Helen

its hard to put all in one basket.

Screen definitely bothers me. But not every day or all the time, I have good short moments and sometimes days. Unfortunately computer work brings me pay.

At my gym artificial lights never bothered me.
Supermarket I go to sometimes bothers me sometimes not.
Restaurants are always ok.

For example i was in Miami on a vacation 3 weeks ago, felt ok, almost all the time spent outdoors, some slight lightheadednes in the morning. One time I walked from the beach to cvs pharmacy and boom, in 4 seconds some weird pain started in my head. As soon as i got out i was ok, other indoor places I went to were also ok.

Its really hard for me to find real triggers… but yeah outdoors i feel better.

Definitely sounds like elements of MAV. Hopefully you will be spared the rest of the crp. Have you booked an appointment yet?

Green tea also has caffeine. You could experiment shifting to Rooibos (which is a life saver). There are a few caffeine free alternatives listed here.

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cool, will try rooibos, I love trying new stuff.

yeah, on June 7th I’m seeing neurologist, will update here…

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Some artificial lights bother me more than others, the worst for me are supermarkets and pharmacies. Some artificial lights are softer not as harsh as those. Sometimes I feel like I can see the slight flicker and it makes me feel worse

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hi Jessica, is it always the same for you if you go to the same supermarket?

I go to this supermarket during work and sometimes I’m completely fine, sometimes just wanna run out of there, i don’t understand!

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Yes since this started for me it’s always the same, sometimes worse but always bad. I’ve just started Amitripyiline so hoping that improves things for me

Visual Vertigo. Classic vestibular deficient symptom. I couldn’t do supermarkets or restaurants for years. It’s too much visual stimulation on an already hyper sensitive brain. You could try tinted specs (warning: they are pink if you are image conscious) but meds could be better option. In store reaction will vary depending on how sensitive brain is feeling at the time/number of cumulative triggers etc. It’s called ‘supermarket syndrome’ unsurprisingly. It’s a real pain. It’s real. Rest assured you are not going crazy! Helen


Unfortunately I am worse for the last 3 days.
It started when I was in a lying down position with my head lifted to the side (to see the computer screen next to me in my bed) and using elbows for support. I was in that position like 5 second and when i lied back on my pillow I felt the change.

I got a feeling like Im in the clouds, I dont know… like I am high or tipsy (but not in a good way).
Also feeling spider webs over my head and some minor tingling on my left cheek, overall some weird minor sensations on my face.

Im currently on a short vacation with friends, I should be better!

Looks like that head or neck position triggered something. This sucks big time…

That sucks, sorry to hear. Off to the docs for you! Keep us updated.

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I must say that Amitriptiline has improved the visual vertigo aspect for me, but I’m still getting head spins and dizziness but it’s early days. Sorry you are feeling so cruddy

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I saw first neurologist, for now diagnosis is some kind of vestibular syndrome. I should take high doses of betahistine 3x42mg and vitamin b1, 100mg, and magnesium. I should report in 1 month.

Been drinking caffeine free liquids, rooibos is delicious, and tried avoiding foods on the list here. No improvements, rarely have good days, at least evenings are quite ok.

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Are they planning more tests to clarify? I do hope so. I think anybody on here could have made that vague attempt of a diagnosis. I ask because the more exact the diagnosis the more directed and correct treatment will be and betahistine may not be best treatment for some vestibular conditions. Please ask for more clarity. You deserve it. Helen


well i hope so, that was my first visit, general examination more or less. Will see in a month.

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Is it possible that VM can affect somehow EEG results?
I had it done today at another neurologist office and results are not quite ok…

I have no idea. You would need to ask the neurologist. According to the attached, migraines can affect EEG test results. Differences in interpretation by two different neuros might account for apparent discrepancies I’d imagine. Helen

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