Does vestibular migraine ever go away?

Anyone cured left the forum ages ago :).

I am 13 months in and I can genuinely say I feel like I’ve improved from 6 months ago.

I spent at least the first 7 months getting worse rather than better but somehow I feel I’ve recently turned another corner.

The medication helps you get your life back whilst the healing process, which I fully expect to be very long, continues.

If you look at post history some people seem to consider themselves better after 2 to 3 years. Admittedly some people are less lucky.

Amitriptyline is a miracle drug for this btw. My life would be over without it. Good luck with the Nori, it’s a similar drug and many find significant relief from symptoms with it.

As far as gym goes it’s often cited that an exercise regime is the way back to fitness. I run 5km three times a week and have kept that up for most of the journey so far. I am actually less dizzy when running.

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