Donate to MDds foundation for rare disease day?

Hi Guys,

Rare disease day is coming up very soon.
Our Dizzy Cousins…The MDds people have been fund raising for many years now trying to educate Drs and the public about their condition. They are trying to raise money for future research ect.

If you would like to help/contribute to please click here:

They are only asking for $10, yeah about the cost of a cappuccino.

There is a **Paypal ** option too.

Thanks so Much.
:smiley: Jen

]Today is Rare Disease Day around the world. Please take a minute to think about the millions who are affected by a rare, orphan, or invisible disease or syndrome. The MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation is $145 from reaching its Race to Rare Disease Day goal. Please take us over the top by going to ( to make a donation!

Check your TV listings for a special about Rare Disease Day on your ABC affiliate.

It has been so nice to connect with some of the members who we rarely hear from during this Race to Rare Disease Day Campaign.

MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation