Don't be scared of Topamax!

This is great news! Im AMAZED to hear that it has already helped you after only 1 week AND at a small dose. I look forward to seeing what more time and dose will do!

What fantastic news Elisha… you just made my day! Being so frustratingly med sensitive myself I have been following your progress with much interest. Topamax is on top of my list of meds to try. I have a script in my hot little hands now. I am med free at the moment while I wait to have VFT’s done in next couple of weeks.
Stay well and get out there and enjoy life :smiley:

Meredith-My symptoms are very much like Jamie’s, with a MdDS like rocking. Although I have also had the spinning vertigo as well. The rocking had been the main problem for the past year and a half.

Salem-I’ve thought of you so often over the past few months wondering how you are as we have so much in common. I was so relieved to read your post and see that you feel better. Is topa helping the rocking as well?

Kylie-I’m always so happy to hear from you and your cute pic always makes me smile :). Yes, go get that Topa script filled so you can get better. I hope this drug works wonders for you. Like I said in my post, it’s not an easy one to get on but it has really paid off for me. Not ready to write a Success Story yet but maybe one day soon!

Elisha I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. There is no question in my mind that Topamax seems to help out a lot of people for whom rocking is their main symptom. Obviously it doesn’t help everyone, but for a condition where everything is hit and miss, Topamax seems to help out people on this board with the rocking sensation too often for it to be random chance.

Touche Jamie! I couldn’t agree more, def. not random. I read your success story! That’s amazing! So glad to hear you have your life back.

I described my symptoms to my doc’s as feeling as tho I am standing on a canoe. If that isn’t rocking I don’t know what is!! Hopefully that means Topamax will be the one for me; right now I am still in the first week & of course feel icky. Will hang in there mostly because of what I have read here on this site!


For me, the best description is that the feeling was very similar to being on a boat. At it’s worst, it was like being on the deck of a boat that was in a big storm. So I guess standing on a canoe could be the same. I don’t spend much (any!) time on canoes so I’m not sure!

Well today is Day 6, and I just went up the stairs outside with the trash, and didn’t have to hang on to the hand rail so that is improvement! It has been a rare day that I have been able to do that in the last 9 months, and I have just finished a round with food poisoning so double points for Topamax!! Cross fingers, I up my dose tomorrow night to 25mg.

Good luck Kathleen! I feel so much for you, I know that food poisoning feeling!