Don't know if its mav

I was diagnosed about six months ago with menieres disease. And then later told by the same doctor that it isn’t menieres. By that time most of my symptoms were gone. I’ve been fine for about five months and suddenly one morning i woke up and felt drunk and forgetful, nauseas and dizzy. That same feeling is back, when i got better i actually would question if it ever felt as bad as i remember it feeling. Because i’ve gone through so many doctors, one telling me i needed to see a psychiatrist. I’m not crazy or panicky. I get visibly sick, pale, shaky and it’s hard to focus. Last night i went to a basketball game and had to leave because of the noise, the lights, the movements of all the people. Does this sound like Mav. When this initially began I had episodes every week that would last two, three days… popping in my ear, sudden loss of hearing that always came back, ringing in the ears, dizzy-like rocking on a boat, can be triggered by loud noises, i also sometimes can hear things amplified, things that are far away sound like they are right next to me. Nauseas and sometimes migraines have preceded my attacks. I’ve had migraines my entire life, never diagnosed, just knew because my brother was diagnosed and i have same symptoms. sorry this is so long.

Hi townee

I think a clue there is that you have some family history of migraine. Does your brother also suffer
with dizziness/vertigo?

Menieres is very very rare, but made quite possible by the fluctuating hearing loss you describe. I would
definitely suggest having an audiogram as the hearing loss in Menieres always gets worse while it is fluctuating.
At this stage if you have Menieres it should be obvious on the audiogram.

The rest certainly fit with migraine - but you would want to examine the hearing loss angle first as this
is the most helpful way of differentiating the two conditions. Hearing loss from migraine is rare (but possible),
and is always present in Menieres (required for diagnosis). The frequencies at which you have hearing loss (if any)
can also provide the neurotologist with clues on whether it is from Menieres or not.

It wouldn’t be unheard of for migraine headaches to precede Menieres attacks.

The incidence of Menieres in the general population is approx 0.2% vs approximately 2% for some form of migrainous vertigo syndrome.


Thanks for your reply adam. My hearing loss always came back and my hearing tests were normal. I can’t believe I suffered for so long without even hearing about migraine associated vertigo. I haven’t been diagnosed but at least now I can go to my doctor and say could this be it?

Hi Townee,

I’m new here too (and also from Mass!). I was dx with MM and have similar hearing issues as yours (popping, fluctuating loss). The dx made sense to me as I had never heard of migraines effecting your hearing. After 2+ years I continued to get worse and worse each month on the MM diet even after adding a diuretic. I started to have at least 3 vertigo attacks per week with chronic dizziness in between. When I switched from my neurologist to a neuro-otologist he said that it was NOT MM, but MAV. (This was based on both my audiogram and a series of inner ear tests I underwent at Mass Eye and Ear). Just last month he switched me to a “migraine diet” based on the Heal Your Headache book and put me on a beta-blocker (Inderal). I was unable to get out of bed for 2 months prior to seeing this doc and am feeling much better now. Not that I am saying you definitely have MAV, but our symptoms sound similar and I would recommend getting a 2nd opinion if possible. If I didn’t I would still be in bed - unable to drive or work or even shower without assistance. Take care and good luck!

Gosh, all of this is SO interesting! And so familiar at the same time. I’m going through the dx process as well. It made me feel better to read this thread. Thanks.