Dont' you just hate the ups and downs

I had a good day yesterday off and on i felt normal. still had a few symptoms like shaking in the am - anxiety from famiy stress im sure and then dizziness in the evening again for whatever reason but overall great day. I was on vacation. I am on vacation today too and woke up feeling realy crappy - tons of pressure in my ears and in behind my ears and dizzy and weak and just “off”. I don’t get it - not sure if what i ate last night caused it or what - no rhyme or reason so far that i can find. Could be food trigger don’t know yet. There used to be a pattern of allergies with this but now it’s cold so i was sooooo happy yesterday looking forward to some time off of this sickness. I don’t understand.

Then of course there is the stress i wanted to get my mother out yesterday but she was busy so today she sounds real down esp since i am not well and might not be able to get her out. she’s 93 and sounds like she’s about to cry so that puts pressure on me and i hate it - good thing i’m going to go to a therapist next week i have lots to talk about i think.

anyway - anyone else get sick of the ups and downs? i love the ups!!! :slight_smile:


Chris – I think you’re basically living a life of “MAV unplugged” right now and so it’s massively unpredictable. Life in general is probably a trigger for you right now given your stress levels lately. Your brain is probably very sensitised right now. Glad you had a relatively good day. Have you tried taking a benzo? Sorry, forgot if you mentioned this.

Chris -
I’m starting to do better and have only been on meds for a bit over one week. So, yessss I also LOVE the ups and am pretty sick of 3 years of downs. You will be amazed what life is like when you’re not shaking or dizzy most of the time and can actually think even a bit more clearly. Your life stress is begetting brain stress and vice versa, so it seems to have created a feedback loop that needs to be interrupted - thus the need for meds and diet modification, etc. I totally sympathize. I took 10 mg. of Zyrtec this evening before dinner and did much better with an unforeseen food trigger event so that was interesting. I see light at the end of the tunnel, girl!!! Hang in there. Congratulations on having the courage to see a therapist; it can be immensely helpful to blow off steam and problem solve as well.

i am just happy to hear that there can be “up’s!” I have been in MAV hell straight the last 8 weeks spinning and am now hopeful this might get better…

ilovesalem i’m so sorry you have been so sick. it’s been 8 weeks of hell for me too but not spinning thank goodness just everything else.

so the dr. actualy diagnosed you with it? I still don’t have a diagnosis i guess i don’t get one unless i try the meds and get better.

are you taking any meds yet?

yes there are ups - it’s been rough but the last few days have been a bit better off and on so i’m grateful.

i hope you feel better soon!!!


hi chris,

i am so sorry to hear that about you too! 64 days of constant spinning is so depressing…I’m terrified it will never stop. But it’s somehow comforting to know that you aren’t the only one. Yes, i started inderol (3 weeks) and lexapro (4 days) and so far no relief. I match all the symptoms to MAV and the inner ear Dr. along with 2 other nuerologists agreed that is most likely what I have and I guess the only way to see is if these medications work. I actually did an ENG test last week and meet with the inner ear specialist tomorrow to get the results. Maybe I have more than 1 issue going on?

what meds are you trying? take care!