Dosage for lamictal

I first want to say thanks to everyone. The things I’ve learned on this website have helped me keep my sanity!

I’ve been dizzy since August 2007. Finally last summer one of the many drs I’ve seen told me I had MAV. I’ve spent months reading old posts & trying to learn as much as I can! After much trial & error we have finally found a med (Lamictal) that seems to work 80% of the time. Which when you consider I do not remember much of 2010 because the dizziness had become so out of control, that by last September I had to go on a leave of absence from work for 7 weeks, I think most days 80% is wonderful! At least that is what I try to tell myself on the 4 to 6 days a month I fall off the wagon again!

I am the only patient with MAV my neuro has every seen. I have to up my meds on average every 6 weeks. My neuro is saying that his seizure patients go up to 600 mg. I’ve searched every old post that mentions lamictal (yes it took me a couple of weeks!) and the highest dosage that is mentioned is 250mg. I’m at 150mg and starting to get nervous.

Is there anyone out there that is taking more than 250mg?

My friend is taking between 400-600 lamictal for seizure/ migraine control and loves it. Her neuro says the danger of going up is the side effects, but if they are tolerable, go up till you find relief.