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Down for a week with nasty flu- now migraine

I’ve been down for a week in bed with influenza and bronchitis. The coughing was horrible, and I have strained back/rib muscles. Today I am finally feeling 70%, and was up and about the house half the day. The cough and congestion is mostly gone, but I now have a BAD dizzy migraine from all the coughing maybe? Also, I was on Tamiflu, still on Augmentin, and Albuterol inhaler. So I’m not exactly sure what’s the cause. My head is ringing, muffled hearing, rocking dizziness, back of head pain. Anyone else get like this after the flu? What about the tamiflu, augmentin or abuterol- have they been triggers?

Antibiotics- yes a trigger
Flu - most definitely

Hope you get better soon

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Oh bummer, sorry to hear that. I’m dreading the weed/grass allergies in the next couple months because it makes all my symptoms worse. Haven’t had the flu in a while so I can’t remember what happened, hope you get better soon.

Thank you @ander454 @GetBetter

I’m feeling pretty good flu wise, just this migraine ugh. And major ear pressure/dull hearing.

Im sure it didn’t help that I had to eat canned soup (but did look for the lowest possible offender ingredient wise- amazon delivery). And tons of cough drops which are loaded with artificial colors and artificial sweetener.

I did find that augmentin, which has amoxicillin, can cause “headache”. I didn’t see migraine per se, but I believe it.

Very weird thing- while I was so, so sick, tinnitus disappeared. Then today when I was better, it came back 10 fold!

Earlier I was ready to call my Dr emergency line to get some imitrex. I haven’t had a need for a triptan in 5+ years. But I took 800mg ibuprofen, 0.5mg klonopin, 500mg magnesium, and decongestant nasal spray. I am doing much better except for tinnitus. The klono seemed to do it- my back and neck were spasmed from coughing, and klono was the closest thing to a muscle relaxant that I had in my home pharmacy lol.

Every time i get a virus it sets my mav off really badly, usually at the same time. The physical stress on the body due to illness or infection can be a trigger, as can decongestants or asthma inhalers. I hope you feel better soon.

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Anything else on top of the MAV will get me. Even bit of a stuffy nose (pollen?), the lightest cold. This last time I think I even reacted to the Flu Jab! It doesn’t take much. When I broke my shoulder, even that affected the MAV for weeks. Flu is quite a drain on body’s resources when the body doesn’t have MAV, and the lying in bed a week affects a normal balance system yet alone a MAV afflicted one. Trust you recover soon. Helen

Hi. I’m sorry you’ve been so unwell. I’ve had colds and flu in the past that were followed by VM attacks. I seem to remember mentioning it to my neurologist and he agreed that it is a common thing.

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@MissMigraine @Onandon03 @Heliotrope

Thank you all. I think it is the headache, upper body/neck pain that is far worse than any dizziness in this particular case. I agree that this flu can cause this nastiness to flare. But wonder if some if the symptoms are the virus itself still there. The headache/pressure was atypical from my other MAV attacks- more classic basilar intense pain. This morning, woke up with head so far ok, but major flare of upper back, neck, elbows, rib muscular tightness/pain. Like a major fibro flare. Going to try to get out for a very short walk today to see if that helps. Happy Easter everyone!