Dr. Andrew P. Jones, M.D

Hey guys it seems this dude has a miricle.
bio Identical hormones, a migraine cure???
is he a prophet.
if something sounds too good to be true is it not worth trying? :cry:

he say’s
There is another option – a migraine cure. Cure the migraine and never worry about their associated auras or pain again.

Recent reports indicate migraine headaches can indeed be totally abolished – as a number of elite medical clinics catering to women have testified. Under their treatment protocols, migraines are completely eliminated in 80% of their patients.

These successes are limited to women only, as addressing a women’s hormones is the basis of the cure. Some clinics have published their treatment protocols and even made them available to the public.

The Women’s Health Institute of Texas believes that a migraine cure certainly eliminates the migraine auras altogether - and concern over the ensuing migraine headache may no longer be necessary – at least in women.

About the Author: Dr. Andrew P. Jones, M.D. is the Medical Director for the Women’s Health Institute of Texas. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and by the American Academy of Biologically Identical Hormone Therapy. Find out more about Dr. Jones and the cure for migraine headaches at: migraine-headaches-information.com. His medical experience primarily revolves around the relationship of women’s health issues and bio-identical hormone management of PMS, menopause and migraine headaches.

Article Source: EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrew_S._Jones

Heatherrrrrr - is this what you’ve been trying to tell us?

If It’s true, I’m moving to Texas ,
and I can because my hubby has duel citizenship in America.
that would be a nice 24 hour trip form oz, I wonder if they let you take valium on the plain?
jen :shock:

Of course they let you take Valium on the plane! And I have in-laws in Texas - my husband is from Texas. He could meet you there and set you up in housing, etc. Wait until i get myself stable on Topamax and I’ll join you :mrgreen:

ya! cant wait
hehee :smiley:

I lived in Texas for 2 years, I have friends there. Can I come too??? :wink:

You’d better , we putting the table top on the floor , so we can dance.

Hey Juls yes
Heather did get me thinking again.
my first quest for health was a hormonal one 15 years ago .
but when this mav hit I was too young for peri or meno?

the table top on the floor - you know, i was wondering how in the world you would ever get us dizzy people up on a table. Good thinking Jen!

well so did I and I aint going to risk injury.
I have enough to handle here Juls :shock:


Ya know, according to the part of the article you quote, he only has a cure for women, what are men supposed to do? :stuck_out_tongue:


So Brian,

Are you going to tell us what 42 is, or what? :slight_smile:


Men have hormones too
He may not deal with men but I’m sure someone else would.
worth researching???
you know men can have male menopause,
it’s not as well documented as the girly stuff but it dose happen.
and I’m sure mens hormones can go haywire too.
like hypergonadism. say?
:shock: spelling please.

jen :mrgreen:


I was very interested to read this website because I can’t help but feel that a hormone imbalance may be causing or impacting my MAV. About a year before I became ill, I came off the Pill after 12 years (I had been prescribed it at a young age for very heavy periods and then I was in a relationship for 10 years). Since I have come off the Pill, my periods have been highly irratic and I developed acne, which I now control with a medicated skin wash.

I can’t help but think that the Pill messed up my hormones and Dr Andrew Jones does say it does this on his website. However I don’t want to follow his plan by buying hormones online without a Doctor’s supervision and my GP doesn’t believe there is a link between my irratic periods and getting this illness. David Bucholz says in his book that an irregular menstrual cycle can compound migraine.

I know other people on this site have suspected a hormonal link - has anyone looked into treatment options or natural remedies? I’d welcome your thoughts.


a member of this forum, Heather, hasn’t posted in awhile but you may want to search for her threads or posts on her feelings regardings hormones.

I can tell you she’s big on an author by the name lf Vliet, two books in particular:

Screaming to be Heard and It’s My Ovaries, Stupid

Also, read the very first post in the second thread on this forum “POST YOUR STORY HERE”

It’s all about hormones.



I’ve been really ill (still am) and it involves my hormones. Mine flatlined at an all-time low
and I am having shocking symptoms right now. My progesterone is basically zero (that will give you erratic periods)
and my estrogen is so low it’s worse than ever. 12 pg/ml on my recent labwork. oh please!
I may as well be dead. I am back to using a cane since I can barely walk and my legs are ready to collapse.
It’s so weird to read your post today since no more than an hour ago I was thinking about when I got off the pill in my mid 30’s.
Scary coincidence.

The problem with the pill is it contains fake progesterone. They call it progestin but it is not what our bodies make.
Being on the pill is like being pregnant in a way. The levels of hormones usually are much different than our own so when we get off the pill,
our bodies can become very confused. It can take 6 months or so to even get some kind of a rhythm going again in the body.
Knowing what I know now, I would never have used the pill.
If you have a doc who doesn’t know that hormones are linked to migrainous activity, get rid of him or her.

You are right not to get hormones on line. That is ridiculous. You need to find a doc who knows what they are doing.
BTW, acne is a sure sign of hormonal imbalance. I have had the same problem.
The cause of erratic periods and migrainous activity are the same. Hormones.
This is no secret, trust me. It’s been for known for what-- decades.
There’s so much info about hormones and migraine you’d die before reading it all.

Elizabeth Vliet M.D. has written great books on hormones. She is a neuro-endocrinologist.
Check Amazon or your local book store.

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I’m crawling back in to bed. :roll:


Heather -

Sorry you are still having such a rough time. Good to hear from you again.

Thanks - good info.


Thanks everyone for the interesting information, its given me food for thought. I won’t ever be going on the Pill again, that’s for sure!

Heather - I’m so sorry that things are so rough for you and I really hope it starts to improve soon.

Hi every one, has any one tried MACCA powder, it’s for men and women, it’s supposed to help with libido, and is a natural hormone balancer, I tried it about a year ago and it worked a treat for me,I believe it’s basically just a root vegetable, the only reason I stopped using it was because I was trying different meds and had no idea of interaction.
While using it I was as horny as a rabbit and never had PMS. :mrgreen:
It taste like malt, but a little bitter at first,
kind of burnt malt, which I loved.
You can sprinkle it on your food or just drink it in milk.
It really did work for me.
Boy I’d actually forgotten how good it really was until this subject came up!
About it.

— Begin quote from “jennyd”

While using it I was as horny as a rabbit and never had PMS.

— End quote

Thanks Jen!!! :smiley:

Did you notice a difference in your MAV symptoms while taking it?


Hi Kim, I did feel an over all feeling of wellness,
but I cant remember if the mav symptoms lessend to be honest.
sorry!that was back in my (serious) brain fog days. 8)