Dr appointment tomorrow

Well it’s been a couple weeks, since I posted at all last. Jason did pretty good in Vegas (he drove, both ways) only had a couple dizzy spells and mild headaches, mostly in the evening. However, the last week and a half or so he has been getting really bad headaches again, especially starting in the mid-late afternoon. Tomorrow he’s going to see his old primary care doctor and ask about some of the drugs suggested on here like Effexor and Topamax. He’s feeling pretty desperate today as he seems to have had a solid to medium to severe to medium to severe headache for the last several days. We’re thinking about asking to up his verapamil dosage, but I don’t know his current one off the top of my head.

I personally haven’t been able to figure out anything different in the last few days that would trigger his headache. He was taking the verapamil in the morning and then switched to night time…but I think that made it worse. I’m wondering if he might be able to take it twice a day but I guess that’s a question for the doctor.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for his migraines let me know…still gotta get the headache book to, haven’t ordered it yet.

Verapamil helped my vertigo but made my headaches worse. My headaches weren’t that bad to begin with, so I was able to tolerate them or just treat them with ibuprofen. If headache is a primary symptom for Jason, Verapamil may not be the best choice for him. He should talk to his doctor about it. The only positive effect Topamax had on me was it eliminated my headaches. Every other symptom got worse, but the headaches were better. Since his headaches are bad, Topamax may be a good med for him to try. But, if he does, he should GO SLOW!!! I personally HATE Topamax, but I’ve heard of it working wonders for others.

There are MANY other drug choices too that do not have the bad side-effect reputations of Topamax and Effexor. Here is a link to a thread listing some of the options. I will also bump it to the front of the board.


Also, if Jason doesn’t feel like his primary care doctor understands his issues, he should get in to see a specialist.

Tell him I said good luck!


Thanks, I will.

He hasn’t seen this doctor in about a year, so maybe he’ll have some fresh ideas. Problem right now is he doesn’t have insurance so MRI’s and tests etc are out of the question.