Dr appt #2 today...search over

Hi All,

To make a long story short…don’t know why but I had another appt. today with a local “dizzy” dr. I do not know what it is I am searching for …new miracle meds? cures? answers? I read the posts, the testimonies here from the drs, my advice from Hain…still with this mav flareup, I freaked and started the “hunt”. I went to my family dr yesterday for a followup after being sent to a counselor by him to work out my mav anxiety issues as well as environmental anxiety from all that has gone on. He knows i see hain and supports that but did suggest upping the Verapamil before med jumping onto other mav meds. He had me wear a 30 day heart event monitor 2 years ago for palpitations, he did an ekg and feels my palpitations were benign back then and are now too. i think they are mostly hormonal. They tend to follow my cycle somewhat. But i swear when I up the Verapamil i get them. Maybe not.

Anyways, I couldn’t get up to Chicago to see Hain. This week has been 2-3 appts a day, seriously. We had an appt 1 1/2 hours away for my husband today and one in town for him to get his portable chemo unhooked till next time and an appt. with a nutritionist. Plus extra activities for my daughter. So, I went to a local “dizzy” dr. Local is convenient but not better. He said effexor is the only way to go. I said, “Tried it, cannot take it. I had severe gi probs and opposite effect.” He said,“Well, I can’t go to your home and force you to takeit.” He then said,“You have a lifelong disorder, it will never go away…it will always keep coming back. All you can do is learn to deal with the anxiety from it. You will always have mav!!” Alrighty then…I left.

So, my frantic search is over. Don’t know why I do this to myself. But clarity struck…

My plan…

  1. Though it is a drive…Dr. Hain is the man. I will never see another for mav. He is the expert.

  2. I will stick with my family dr for all other matters who supports the mav diagnosis and me seeing hain.

  3. With meds, time, sleep schedule, diet, exercise, stress reduction, meditation…I hope to get well again.

  4. Lots of prayer, hope, faith, and an attempt to think positive thoughts

  5. Stick with my new psych who understands mav and my anxiety issues with it.

Oh, my psych said it does not surprise her that i cannot sit still, she sees that with a lot of people who has dizziness disorders. We do it to offset the rocking/dizziness. she understands me!!!1

So, I think this aha moment today really put things into perspective. i got scared and desperate as i did in 2008 when this beast hit. I must have a plan, stop the “hunt”, and focus. This is my newest update.

That dr could have been nicer. My hubby came with me and couldn’t believe how we were treated.