Dr Baloh celexa?

Hi guys,
Does anyone know how many mg. Dr Baloh prescribes of Celexa? I am at 10 mg for around 2 and a half weeks and am still getting quite e few side effects though my anxiety is now sooo much better! Just wondering if I should go UP or DOWN or just stay put??? thanks

Hi Joli,

The way Celexa is prescribed is usually to start at 5 or 10 mg and then sit there for a while (4-6 weeks) until things improve (or not). If your anxiety is better but side effects remain, I’d stay put for a while until they stop. What SEs are you dealing with?

You can take up to 40 mg of Celexa but usually 20 will do the job for most. I couldn’t go any higher then 15 mg.

Of course, consult your GP about dosing and the side effects you are experiencing if it is a major concern – i.e. if the side effects are unusual.

Best … Scott :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,
I am extremely sleepy for a few hours a day in the afternoon and then I have a bit of insomnia at night. I take it in the mid morning and within 2-3 hour I am really tired. Hopefully this will go away. I know people say that they are sensitive to meds, but honestly I am really sensitive. Do you think 5 mg would do anything?

i hope it works out fo ryou and you can stick with it. I gave up. I wussed out. I couldn’t stand it. the insomnia was horrible for me. scared me it was like I was wired big time.

good luck with it