Dr. changing me from Topamax to Celexa

I went to my general doctor today and she heard how horrible my cough is and couldn’t believe I have been dealing with it day and night for three weeks. I also told her the shortness of breath is so bad that I can hardly do a bit of housework and then have to lay down again to rest before I do some more because I feel so exhausted and I am only at 37.5 mg of the Topiramate.

She is taking me off and starting me on 10 mg. of Citalopram (Celexa generic) and we will see how that goes. She is also sending me to another neurologist for a second opinon since I haven’t been able to get in to see Dr. Baloh with my HMO insurance as of yet. It’s been 5 months and I haven’t heard anything, so I’m sure they have denied an approval to see him.

I just hope the Celexa gives me some kind of improvement, because I feel I can’t go on much longer sitting in my pajamas on my laptop all day :frowning:


Chances are if Baloh thinks you have MAV, he would prescribe Celexa…that is his drug of choice. He also feels that a 50% reduction in symptoms is a “success story”. Personally, I disagree. 50% of my life isn’t enough! :slight_smile:
But anyways, just letting you know so that you can feel better about not seeing him.

Good luck with Celexa! If you do well on it, then maybe you wont even need to see Baloh! I agree with Kelly that a 50% reduction is unacceptable. I think that Baloh believes that the remaining 50% can be remedied with diet and lifestyle improvements. But in my limited knowlege, a med will generally work really well if it works. So I expect a lot higher than 50% from a med. I think Baloh must see a lot of complicated cases, and thats where he gets his opinion of a 50% reduction being a success.