Dr Explains Ritalin for MAV - for you, George

I had a lot of questions about how/why the Ritalin is working. He wouldn’t answer anything until I answered a bunch of questions - all of them pertaining to how, exactly, I’ve been feeling since we began this, 6 weeks ago.

Went to see neuro today. This is my first appointment since I began Ritalin 6 weeks ago. I was surprised, as I walked down the hallway that used to make my brain spin, and my ears rush, to find that while the bulk of discomfort was gone, the carpet pattern still shifted and appeared to be 3-dimensional.

I did get a lot of answers to a million questions regarding the use of Ritalin for migraine.

I was incorrect and told incorrectly by his nurse, that Ritalin is being used as a migraine preventative. The Ritalin is, in fact, being used for the dizziness associated with inner ear damage and vertigo associated with migraine. He believes that my 24/7 symptoms were due to the dizziness triggering migraine and creating a viscious circle.

When I had my attack in June (a migraine he suspects was due to the extraordinarily bright sun that day, combined with the noise and the rushing water), it was severe enough that it kicked off a cycle - migrainous vertigo which tends to cycle, the vertigo triggering more migraine, increasing the dizziness (he reluctantly gave a nod to the inner ear damage, but he places very little value on it’s part in all the symptoms I experienced).

A lot of this dizziness is an inability for my brain to make sense of the sensory input - either because of the severity of the migraine or the inner ear damage.

The Ritalin helps me to focus on that information that my brain IS appropriately processing and making sense of, and giving the mental finger to the jumbled info. This would explain how I can sense the presence of dizziness but am able to function through it. He said my response was classic and proves this Ritalin-for-dizziness theory that alot of neurologists are starting to look at.

Better news? In 6 months, we’ll be weaning me off the Ritalin, hoping that in this time, my brain will have compensated and the migraine cycle will have been broken.

Not happy news that is totally unrelated to migraines and inner ear damage: x-rays of my spine (back pain) revealed that I have osteo-arthritis. And why the heck not, right? My response was, “Why, of COURSE it is!”