Dr. Hain Phone Consult

Hi Everyone,

So, I seem to be having NO luck with my current doctor…and I understand that some of you have had phone consultations with Dr. Hain. I’m writing from Toronto so I’m dealing with a different country too. How do I go about setting up the consultation? How long does it take from setting up the appointment to having the phone call? Which documents would I need to send to him in advance? At this point I believe he is the only one who can help me.


Lisa Rebecca

Hi Lisa Rebecca, I did the phone consult ealrier this year. I called his appointment number (312-274-0197) and got an appointment wihtin 10 days. I sent him all of my previous medical records (MRI reports, blood test results, summaries from other Drs, etc.). By the time I got to him I was essentially confirming my diagnosis and figuringt out a treatment plan. He probably only spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with me and essentially confirmed what the conclusion of probably MAV. We decicded on a treatment plan (Effexor for starters) and then I corresponded with him via email for a few months. I may go out and see him at some point - I feel like since I havent had success yet with the meds I may feel more comfortable having him see me and give me reassurance that it is indeed MAV (not that I really doubt it). Good luck. Ben