Dr Hain video - fixing dizziness

This is interesting (but no mention of MAV) and the first time I’ve ever seen Hain animated and talking!


or here but you’ll need VLC player to watch it on your computer:


Scott 8)

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the video, I am currently doing some more basic exercises but it looks like those ones might be more beneficial. I’m wondering if most people with MAV also have some sort of vestibular damage as well. If so, would the migraine be causing the damage or the damage be causing the migraine. Hopefully one day there will be answers to this whole mess.


Believe it or not Dr Haine does not normally recommend therapy for MAV. I asked him about it and he told me that his personal experience regarding MAV and therapy was that it usually doesn’t work. He will say though that the people with MAV that he has sent to therapy have come out saying they were more confident about getting around, but their symptoms and balance did not improve.

I think that MAV is part of the 15% that don’t benifit from the therapy that they mention. The main reason he sent me to therapy is because I’ve had a couple of insurance company bureaucrats wanting me to go, and I wanted to shut them up.