Dr hopping: should I try and see Dr S in Kent 4 2nd opinion?

Well I’ve managed to cut out the Ami after my otoneuro’s ‘error’, and still haven’t dared start the sodium valproate. There’s a warning it has been linked with thrombocytopoenia. Well that’s got me REALLY worried as my sister has severe immune thrombocytopoenia and therefore I have a family history. I emailed my otoneuro to check whether this is a contraindication for me taking it. Needless to say it’s now the weekend so I guess I’ll have to wait for reply.

Another thing that bugged me was I’d kept a meticulous diary of my dizziness and headaches over the last 4 months (on her suggestion) to see if there is a hormonal pattern (i.e. period linked) and dh drew up a graph on the computer. There does seem to a be rather complex link (my symptoms are less severe in the luteal phase) but she took a very cursory glance at it, couldn’t see a pattern, and I felt sort of dismissed it (she seemed amused at my husbands efforts).

So I guess I’m on what you guys call my pity pot (never heard that expression before). I feel hopeless again with no faith in the so called experts. DH’s patience wearing thin again and my daughters are being affected by mummy being ill yet again.

I’m wondering about whether to try to see this Dr S chap in Kent. Anyone know what meds he prefers? Or am I dr hopping?

Dizzy Izzy

Hi DizzyIzzy,
So sorry you are having a hard time and feel like your Doctor is not the one for you.
I have my MAV under control thanks to Dr S so I would maybe think more about trying to seeing him if you can. He put me on Nortryptiline and it has done the trick give or take , I am 99 % well. It took me a few doctors before I found the right one, so I wouldn’t feel bad about Doctor hoppinm it is important you find someone who takes you seriously and with whom you feel comfortable.
I wish you the very best,

Hi Dizzy - you’ve been through so much, I’d definitely try to see the other doctor. Being dismissed by a doctor shakes our confidence and hope in improvement, and you need someone who will listen carefully and collaborate with you. Our condition affects not only us but those around us, so it really is important to get the best care that we can. Go for it!

Certainly try Dr S he is kind and I feel will be able to help especially since you are finding a monthly link. Who was the female Dr?

Izzy it’s not Dr hopping if you’ve lost confidence in your DR and aren’t happy with the care you’ve getting. You’ve already said she’s not really a migraine person. If Dr S is Sr Surenthian (?) there have been some good things said about him on the forum and he is definitely a migraine person so I think it’s a very good idea to go and see him.

You’ve got to be confident in your Dr, so I’d say definitely make your appointment :smiley: