Dr Silver Patients


I’m an NHS patient of Dr Silver’s and see him at his clinic in Warrington. I want to contact him for advice on Topiramate as my GP has never prescribed it before so I am more knowledgeable than her on it. I know plenty of his private patients contact him inbetween scheduled appointments for advice, has anyone done this on the NHS? He is based at Liverpool so not even sure he has a secretary at Warrington as he is only there one day a week. I will call on Monday but not very hopeful I will get very far. Would prefer to email him.


As far as I know he has a secretary at Warrington. My letter came from there with the Warrington details on it. Good luck. Hope you get some help.

Thanks for the reply Mags, I have found details for Warrington on a letter that came from there. I will call tomorrow. I hope you are doing well Mags.

Up and down thanks Katherine. I’m on topiramate at the moment. 25mg in the morning, 50mg at night. Will increase again
I think on monday. Dizziness has settled mostly, a few episodes now and again. Can’t shake the headaches though. A few mad side effects too but not as bad as I expected. How are you? Did you have any luck getting in touch? Hope so.

Hi Mags, his secretary emailed me back to say he is back on Monday and will see my email then. Topiramate improved my headache straight away but struggling with side effects. I’m glad your dizziness has improved, hope the Topiramate can help your headaches.