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Dr Surenthiran or Prof. Luxon?

hi all, im new to this site and this is my first post.
Been suffering with what i now know is MAV for 3.5 years. Over that time the condition and symptoms have changed from no headache and dizziness for 3 months, to constant headaches no dizziness, extreme sensitivity to noise, brain fog, disassociation / de-realization (maybe the worst symptom),more dizziness, plus general feeling of not being myself / shitty - sure you can all relate.
Add to that the extreme anxiety / depression / moods, which i have never had before all this its been a truly horrible experience.
Seen 4 neurologists / loads of GP’s, ENT’s, Psychiatrists, Therapists .
Diagnosis of NDPH, Chronic Migraine (Vestibular Migraine - my first ever diagnosis), Depression, GAD, Burnout and prob a few more i have forgotten.
Treatments of Topirimate, Pregablin, Amitriptyline, SSRI’s, Nerve blocks, Botox, Amovig, Physio, Chiro, Acupuncture, diets (Keto), Cefaly
Still not sorted!
I came across MAV in sites like this a few weeks back and it convinced me that my first diagnosis of MAV was correct, although the treatment wasn’t (just from a normal Neurologist). My symptoms changed so much over the 3 years that its no surprise that the pieces wernt put together.
Dr S Anyway, I had a consultation with Dr S yesterday, who really understood and explained how the anxiety and moods are linked (and not my reaction to it), which was so good to finally have someone confirm i haven’t gone mad! He has put my on the C’s diet and has prescribed a blood pressure med (not sure which one yet), which i start next week.
I emailed Proff Luxon too and she has just got back to me offering me a consultation (Skype). I am tempted to have that as well for a second opinion (or 50th), but also dont want to confuse issues anymore and be torn over which one to follow.
Does anyone have a view on who they prefer or if seeing both is overkill. Appreciate it will be subjective etc, but any thoughts who be appreciated.


Welcome to the board.

I would keep a steady keel and try the treatment from Dr. S.

If you don’t improve you should consider another session with him and work out your next move.

Sounds like you’ve already seen a lot of doctors - have you seen other oto-neurologists? (Luxton is one).

I’ve seen a total of 5 different consultants. No shame in a few alternate opinions. They were especially useful in my case.

Thanks. Dr S is the first oto-neurologist ive seen (over the phone), others have all been “normal” ones, some high profile, and all say are headache / migraine specialists.
I think on balance that is the sensible thing to do. Im so keen to get sorted that i would see both! but appreciate doesn’t work like that.

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