Drank through dizziness yesterday... not a good idea!

Last night I had the biggest drinking session since all this VM crap started nearly a year ago.

What I found was that I could drink through the dizziness and the anxiety, but I have felt absolutely hellish today. The anxiety is ramped up and so is the dizziness. I have just been absolutely wiped out all day and am cancelling plans tonight because of it.

I really must stop doing this, as it can’t be a solution for dealing with this crap. I am really going to try sticking to the diet and not drinking from now on.

I have decided that if there is no improvement in my symptoms by summer, I am going to move back to the UK. I can’t deal with this alone here anymore.

We live and learn Richy! I think we can all understand though the need to just blow it all once in while and not care two hoots about the consequences. Till the next day of course! Hope you feel better as the day goes on. :smiley:


Sorry you feel so rough today Richy, i decided to do a similar thing yesterday and drank pepsi and ate a ton of coffee and chocolate pie (very rich) Also feel cak today :frowning:
Hope you feel a bit better tomorrow - back to the diet for me too!
How come you live in Switzerland if you don’t mind me asking? Must be hard to feel ill far away from home.

Hi Richy,

I have done the drinking through thing a good few times. Back in December I was fine the next day. However after a wedding at the end of Jan I stayed out till 4am drinking etc and my dizziness was 10 times worse the next day! This has happened a couple of times since, so now it feels like its not worth it!! Can totally understand you wanting to be surrounded by family, hope whatever you decide it works for you. Xx

Me too! Sometimes you just need a release , and to feel normal again. What I can’t understand is how I used to drink at least 2 times a week, not get enough sleep etc. No sign of VM then bang it happens later in life when you least expect it! It’s rubbish- Rachy hope your feeling back to baseline now xxxx

Sometimes I think it is worth it…if its an important event and you want to have fun…go for it…just plan it out so you know you don’t have to do anything the next day, and just reduce the alcohol slightly, but most of all still get to bed by midnight…anyway, that’s the way I deal with being “normal”, at least once in a while!