Drastic Difference in skin Temp

Over the past few months I have noticed that different parts of my body seem to very cold in comparison to the rest.

In particular my feet , which I had a vascular study done on last week and a nerve study this week.

But the other is on the abdomen where there are spots that are much colder than the surrounding skin. There are two places that are particularly cold and they seem to be tender to the touch in those areas. The rest of my abdomen is the same normal temp. all over other than these few spots whose temp. is much colder than the rest.

I don’t know yet whether it has to do with my further radical diet mod–of not quite 2 weeks duration–but for some years I was getting increasing cold peripherally when still, at least when horizontal; that’s now abated almost entirely. There are other factors that may be involved, but they too all involve MAV triggers.

Hi Timeless,
I know this isn’t helpful, but I’ve had that same problem for like probably 5-6 years now. I have really poor circulation. I have an inner ear disorder, but I suspect I have a circulation problem causing the IED.