Driving Cars

Anyone have huge sensitivity to car trips, even short ones?
If so, explain your sensitivity.


it’s the motion intolerance for me. when i wasn’t this bad, i would feel better while driving, but would keep the car moving, even at a stoplight, because as soon as I stopped, the dizziness hit me.

I’m so motion intolerant now that I have to dope up with 10-20 mg of Valium just to be able to get to the docs.

When the Valium wears off, i really suffer.

As far as describing it, it’s my typical, but stronger, waves of seeing and feeling motion - just aggravated.

Can’t even get outside the house because of the motion sickness, but there was a period where I could walk, but got motion sick from short car rides (about a minute long).

I pretty much have to drive or sit up front. I have found that I must be able to look forward while the car is moving. Around here, the farmlands aren’t as level as the road and looking out the side windows at the farmland going up and down while the car remains level confuses my balance system and puts everything out of whack.

same here! i used to prefer to be in a car because i wouldn’t feel dizzy and the world didn’t seem to tilt and rotate around. but now i have bad motion sickness and it makes driving harder. i can’t be in any other seat but the driver’s seat now, and even then its hard. is there anything the doctors can give us for the motion sickness? its a shame to have somethin that helps, and then have it taken away by another symptom. :frowning:


I used to be better with motion, also, until my illness escalated. I am so motion intolerant now that only Valium gives me enough relief to travel, and I still suffer.

me too julie. its bad. i don’t know how i even make it around the house but somehow i manage to. some days are even worse than others. have you ever had motion problems as a child or teenager? i never did so this is all a shock to me. i am having a hard time with it. my doc says the topamax should help with the motion, light problems and dizziness cause it works right on the migraine. i sure hope so. im gonna sure give it a fair try.


I know how you feel, i’m housebound and it’s been heck.

I hope Topamax helps you, but if it doesn’t keep trying other meds. I’m taking three different meds right now and each one has given me some relief. At least i’m not bedbound anymore.

I don’t remember being especially motion sick as a child, although I wouldn’t ride on rides at the carnival. And my entire life I haven’t been able to put on off the shelf sunglasses without getting sick.

Migraines started as a young adult.

My niece, college age, is suffering with terrific migraines and vertigo. She’s been in the hospital twice in two weeks. She’ll be seeing Hain this month.

Keep us posted,


thanks julie. i didnt even know u can take more than 1 drug at a time for MAV. i really need a doctor who knows this. i am thinking of contacting dr hain. im hoping he will do phone consults because i can’t leave the house without getting very sick. i CAN do it if i have to, and can fake it for a little while, but it does me no good. i would never handle a plane ride to chicago. forget it! all i can do is call his office and see what he says.


Your doctor probably (?) knows that you can be on more than one med at a time. They usually start you off with one and see how it goes - how else will they know which one is working?

good point! he prolly just didnt tell me cause there is no need to right now. maybe he is telling me on a “need to know” basis ha ha. but i am glad i know. its pretty safe to do that? :slight_smile:


Being in a car makes me feel great, as driver or passenger, also a train or bus.

I do not get this motn intolerance, in fact it makes me feel much better