I have just been to pick my little girl up from school, it’s the first time I have been out for a few week. I didn’t think I felt as bad today but it felt like a sensory overload the bright light and being in the car. I feel awful now and it’s set the swaying motion off in my head as if I am still in the car. Is this normal for mav?

I don’t know that it affects everyone, but driving was a big trigger for me. I ended up having to limit my driving to really short trips for a 6 month period until I got onto a medication that worked for me. It was a frustrating period, but I am doing so much better now! Good luck.

I don’t know if I definitely have mav that’s why I am asking lots of questions before I see my gp.
It just seemed too much for me the driving, the sunlight, concentrating and the motion of the car etc. it’s like it’s too much for me to process.

I hardly ever drive, because I basically fall asleep… Not good! :?


As you know, nobody here can give you a definitive diagnosis of VM, but it certainly seems that you have enough symptoms that seeing someone who specializes in migraine would be the next logical step. If you need to go through your GP to get a referral, that’s the way to go. If you don’t, and your GP has checked you out on the types of things GPs check for, then going to the GP seems to waste time better spent seeking a definitive diagnosis from someone expert in the field.

Just my 2 cents.


I am seeing a gp on Monday so I am going to mention mav and ask about seeing a neurologist. I went into town this morning and I have felt awful since. My right arm and leg went weak, brain fog is horrendous and my head is swaying. I felt a little better yesterday and now I feel awful again.