Dual Diagnosis: MAV + Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Anybody else?

It took 20-plus years since I first started spacing out once in a while, but in January my neurologist finally got a trace that confirmed his suspicion there are partial complex seizures, twitching-followed-by-extended-disorientation due to an epilepsy, in addition to dizziness/queasiness/fogheadedness due to MAV, identified a few years earlier by the neurotologist he sent me to.

Am I alone here, or is anyone else on this board dealing with the same fun?


I must admit I do wonder sometimes if some of my symptoms are more like epilepsy and when I visited a CBT therapist recently he asked if I had been tested for it. I can be very sensitive to certain lights and flashing images and do sometimes feel like I might pass out or have some kind of seizure or something (that usually only happens if I have some caffeine or get too hungry though).
I must admit I’m not too clued up on what typical epilepsy symptoms are though, mind you my MAV symptoms aren’t that typical either :?

Thank you, Stewjay70. Your comment helps me feel a little less alone.

Certainly for me the symptoms leading to each of the diagnoses were not especially typical.

I don’t know how to ID epilepsies except through a neurologist. There are many more varieties than the tonic-clonic archetype, just as there are many more migraines than the one resulting solely in a horrific and unique headache.