Dumping Nortriptyline, switching to Propranolol

Well after a three month trial on Nort, I decided to dump it because I was not getting any significant results and I felt hung over every morning. The rocking seemed to be down a smidge, but the terrible daily headaches persisted if not got worse. My Neuro decided to switch me to Propranolol so I guess I will give it a whirl. Now the one side effect I did enjoy from Nort was that my morning " runs " were gone. I wonder if I can stay on a low dose of say 10 mg along with the Prop just so I can benefit from the side effect from the Nort.



I believe you can stay on both. I was on Effexor and still having issues and was recommended via Dr. Hain to start the Pro. It didn’t really help me so I ended up dumping both. The next step for me was amitriptyline, which I was able to tolerate, but didn’t help with my dizziness. I am now on Cymbalta and things are about 75% better. I was having issues with sleep, so I started a regimine of taking 3 mg melatonin, 25 mg of 5htp at night and it has helped. My local pdoc is recommending a low dose of BusPar to help with the anxiety leftovers I’m experiencing (versus going up to a higher dose of Cymbalta, which I don’t want to do).

I do find that a low dose Klonopin helps my dizziness, which leads me to believe some of this is anxiety rooted. I will post if the BuSpar does anything. Supposed to take 3-4 weeks to kick in.

Best to you,