Dysarthria with migraines: affect anyone else?

When my migraines are particularly bad or I am really tired, other symptoms develop. I become more ataxic- to the point that I don’t truct myself to walk with a walker or even transfer from a wheelchair. But my voice also changes. I am deaf but I my sister calls it my “tired voice”. Sometimes I have word finding difficulty or even perseveration (repeating words). These last 3 days I don’t seem to be able to use my voice much at all- although I belive I may be whispering. The HAs have been pretty bad this week. The funny thing is that I can still sign fairly well. Has this happened to anyone else?

I realize I have not written “my story” yet. It’s fairly complicated and I need to have the energy to do that.

Thanks for listening!

I don’t experience ataxia or word finding difficulty myself, but I know they can be a migraine symptom. I think it’s particularly common in basilar type migraine.

I get brain fog with migraine which can make it hard to find words, but I think you are talking about something slightly different.