**Hi Everyone,

One thing I have is mitral valve prolapse (cardiology) and dysautonomia that occurs with it. :smiley: So I always thought vertigo was result of that and then I read about migraine associated vertigo and since I have migraine I thought it might be that.**Now I think the migraines and the vertigo are all related to the dysautonomia thing. **** But I think I do have MAV.

i don’t know much about mitral valve prolapse. what does dysautonomia mean? sorry to hear you are dealing with so much at once?

[size=18][/size]hi and thanks for being interest. :slight_smile:

Dysautonomia is a condition that sometimes goes along with other conditions and denotes a nervous system problem but it can be mild oftentimes. People with mitral valve prolapse often have it, too. I believe migraine goes along with it, too. 8)