Dysautonomias as a cause for migraine?

hi everyone. i was reading this article on chronic dizziness and researchers found that this was one of the reasons for chronic dizziness, at least in this one study. When I looked it up, apparently, this particular syndrome(s) can CAUSE migraines as part of its manifestation, and i just found it interesting enough that i thought it might be worth posting on. Has anyone here been evaluated for this condition or heard if it? This is the first I’ve heard of this.

First, here is the article I read on chronic dizziness where dysautonomias were mentioned as a cause for chronic dizziness. anxiety and migraines were the other two most common reasons for chronic dizziness:


Here is a link to the official site for dysautonomia:

I linked it right to the symptom page but you could go anywhere to read more. I find it interesting that it can cause migraine as part of its symptom complex. Forgive me if i am beyond the scope of our discussions here, and if this proves to be of no value, i appologize in advance. at first glance, it seemed to be something that could be of possible use here, especially if migraine treatment by itself seemed to be providing only half of the battle after much effort. Tilt-table testing, blood-pressure readings sitting/standing, nerve-conduction testing, and a few other tests are done to determine if this is indeed a problem. I found it interesting and never heard of this as being a possible cause for chronic dizziness, and a cause for migraine itself, so I thought at the very least, I should post this, and let you all decide if this is something worth discussing, or discarding. Thanks for your time.


well you just helped me out, because my niece, who is a fainter, migrainer, and has horrible dizziness, has also failed her tilt table test. i’m going to pass this along to my sister.

Thanks Bos, it’s always helpful to know if there’s something else that could be going on, especially if our MAV treatment plan isn’t working, right?

Thanks for sharing, Sherlock :slight_smile:


P.S. Bos, please don’t ever hesitate sharing this kind of knowlege. Any link to migraine is always welcome on this forum, does anybody disagree?


Good link Boslee,
thank you,

That’s why we’re hear Bos, looking for why each of us have migraine
Treat the real reason, not just shove a band-aid on it and hope for the best.
You’re being proactive in your healthcare.
Over the years of searching for what the heck was going on with myself,
I came up with a couple of things I believed could have been culprit. Much to my DR’s bemusement.
I was the source of his monthly entertainment; oh look the crazy hypochondriacs got another appointment again today. :mrgreen:

I came up with these possibilities

1st. one was food allergies gluten intolerance, as I notice food did make a difference, go figure? Wasn’t far off

2nd .possible temporal lobe dysfunction, wasn’t far off

3rd. and eventually migraine, due to my Alice in wonderland syndrome. I was eventually diagnosed due to aura.

Every GP I saw said absolutely emphatically no!

Except the last Dr who sent me to my last neuro, after I told him I was seeing colors and other things, I had no Idea what this meant.
But he obviously did, He was the only DR who asked the right questions and listened to my symptoms.
He had the wonderful bedside manner a young fellow too.
Yes believe it or not they are out there.

Because i smelt & tasted things that weren’t there and had deja ve and jamas vu all the time.
Time distortion, and other bodily distortions

In the past I’d seen
5 ENT’s in 15 years, Said MDds, based on lack of evidence of vestibular damage, And travel timelines

4 neuro’s in 15 years said they just didn’t know what to make of it,
And that they could only come up with MDds once again due to the timeline with travel.

I now realize not every one in this world has Alice in wonderland syndrome,
And because I’ve had it all of my life it was “normal” I knew no difference. No kidding boslee :shock:
And it didn’t have to come with head pain either!

Why would I think it was something out of the ordinary?
When I’d ask other people if they felt this stuff.
They look at me like a Loony, so I stopped asking other people.
And never spoke of it again.

Alice in wonderland links
1st ones pretty big.

migraine-aura.org/content/se … d+syndrome


So good on you for being proactive.
Go for it.
We all deserve a good Dr

Thanks Boslee.


— Begin quote from “jennyd”

so I stopped asking other people.
and never spoke of it again.

— End quote


At what age did you realize you were different and stop asking other people about it?


Hi Julie , about 8
why :?:


When I saw that :oops: shame face, i wondered how it must have felt for you to know at such a young age that you were really really different from others.

We talk a lot about the shame of this illness on this forum. Imagine what that must have been like for a child with no understanding at all about what was going on. Your only strategy was to bury it and live with it in silence and in shame.

Feel free to tell me to keep my psychobabble to myself :slight_smile:


Oh Julie as you know,
we’ve talked about my brother before, he has schizophrenia,
And that only compounded my fears;
I didn’t even feel free to discuss this stuff with my family much over the years, as it would have put them into a state of panic,
Has been a lot longer than I once thought!

This is all coming to light now, especially with my better understanding of migraine aura’s and how they work.
When I get on my feet after the topa finishes it’s work,
I’ll be making another appointment with my neuro, to discuss these issue, not for medical reasons but I suppose for finale validation of my symptoms.
Sound ridicules hey.
But after 15 years I deserve it.
And I hope that neuro, feels appropriately chastised sending me home, without proper care, telling me medication for vertiginous migraine was worse than the illness itself and I would just gain weight on it. How dare he treat us that way?
Let him walk in our shoes for a month and see how he would bloody cope.

As you know, I’ve said before, I’d have gladly chopped my legs off
If it meant having a normal brain.
And I meant every word!!!
Mongrel dogs

a mongrel dog is nice, can you think of a better word for him. :twisted:
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :twisted:

I can think of a better word for him, but i wouldn’t dare type it on this gentle forum. We’d better share it in PM. :twisted:

Yes, Jen, you do deserve affirmation from that neurologist. Plus, the fact that you know you deserve it almost makes me want to cry for joy, cause that’s the greater part of the affirmation you need - from YOURSELF!

Jen, you are well on your way! I joined this forum just about a year ago and I cannot believe the change in you, in your posts, the energy that comes through, your poetic style, the solid information you share, your great sense of humor and your zany personality. you are right - you have awakened!!!

I can just see you walk into that neuro’s office, high heels, slim and trim, cute as a button and dressed to the 9’s. you show him what migraine treatment has done for you, that SOB!

JJ :twisted:

thanks Julie, you always make me feel good!