E-Petition on Downing street website - UK

Please Sign this Epetition:


There is no gain for me, so I hope this is ok moderators…

This is an epetition to raise our GP’s awareness of ALL Balance disorders to increase training in how to identify and manage conditions, and differentiate them from mental health illnesses.

For funding to increase training and for dedicated balance centres in all major towns and cities in the UK

I have 12 months to gain 100,000 signatures to have it heard in parliament and need an MP to back it, so I am also in the process of drafting a letter for your MP’s so if you are interested, please let me know and I will forward this letter. The more support we can get the better.

Please sign, then forward the link via Facebook, twitter, email, word of mouth, forums…



Hi Jo,

This is brill, exactly what we need to be getting behind!

Have you thought how you will get some publicity?

This is exciting stuff!


Sorry just re read your post re publicity signed and shared keep up the good work let me know if I can help! X

Still abit spur of the moment for me, but my next steps are to target the various support groups for the different balance disorders. Meniere’s Society, Migraines, Chronic fatigue, Hughes Syndrome and anything else I can think of that might make you wobble.

Try and get them on board and supporting us, they might have some contacts, networks etc we can use.

Then we need to target the MP’s . Even if we get the 100,000 signatures we still need an mp to back it for it to get the air time in parliament.

Then, I think we need need to target the telly, this morning, the one show… you name it get some publicity.

If anyone has any ideas, any contacts, and thoughts, or wants to help then please do. I am so busy I can’t do it by myself :slight_smile:

but for now please please please everyone share it , tweet it and talk about it. We’re already up to 21 signatures and it’s only been up a few hours


You are brilliant. How does one do this in the U.S? I’m ashamed to admit , I have no idea how to go about these things.

P.S. You might contact VEDA. They may be of some help as well


Oh Teri i don’t know, there must be something similar though for you on your governments website? Have a look. Setting up the petition was easy, it’s gaining the backing that’s going to be difficult though lol !!

And too be honest I’m not sure I’m in the peak of physical health to take on the Government and NHS, and secure millions in funding :lol: We’ll see, you don’t get if you don’t try

Hi Jor
Signed up for your petition. Hope we get the numbers. It is so frustrating that generally most first-line docs and quite a few neurologists have never heard of mav. Anything to bring this condition to the med profession is worth a try. Had to say whether or not you were a British subject. Will it affect your petition if you’re not British?

Hi Jo

This is is great just signed up. :slight_smile: I am new to this forum . I have just been told by my neurologist that they think I have mav and after reading all the post on here I think they are right . Does anyone know any neurologist that specialise in mav in the uk .

I don’t know Barb, I didn’t think you could sign if you didn’t live in the UK, but if it let you then great.

I hope to get some publicity going over the next few months, and maybe if we can get it going over here, we can replicate that in some of the other countries too, it would be great to have a joined up approach.

Have been really poorly this week, so haven’t done anything to push this and even though we are already at 75 signatures (I know, still a long way to go) but I am so pleased, that is 75 people who feel the same way in just 3 days with no publicity. Just think what we can do if we unite forces and get it out there.

Going to do some real work on pulling a plan together this weekend about how to get it out there. Will start a new thread with my battle plan lol

My GP surgery is so shocking I refuse to go now and I will only see my specialist. Education is the way forward, well done!

Hey Jo, my GP hasn’t been much use - I’ve signed!
Good luck :smiley:

Thanks Guys, keep spreading the word too!!!