Ear fullness

ok. they say i could have vestibular migraines… but i am not sure. i have 24/7 ear pressure and its not my ears. feels like i am underwater or at high altitude all the time. i did have dizziness but its gone right now. nothing seems to make the pressure go away… except xanax. i am currently taking trintellex and neurontin. right now they have me on a burst of prednisone as well. this vb? i cant help thinking i have cancer or something. clear mri and blood tests… seeing a nuerologist, ent and tmj specialist. help please. i need relief.

Eat fullness is one of the symptoms of VM. Sometimes I get full platter of headache, tinnitus, ear fillness, eye pain and blurred vision (the dizziness is chronic and sometimes becomes worse) . Sometimes I get only select sympyoms like fullness or tinnitus. The prophylatic medications looks like the ones you are on should help.

Ear fullness in both ears is usually migraine. In one ear then it could be an ear issue. Sometimes I get tinnitus even in good ear when I have migraine. Hope you feel better soom

My initial bout of dizziness was diagnosed a’s VN and a strong prednisone course cleared up symptoms which returned after a month. I saw you mentioned prednisone hence I thought I should share.

I get bilateral ear pressure (although I rarely experience the dull or sharp pain it creates at the same time in both ears oddly) despite knowing I have a unilateral issue. There must be some kind of central management of pressure taking place in a healthy system and even a unilateral injury or lesion may upset that …