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Ear pain

Hello, does anybody else get a shooting saw pain that starts outside the ear but spreads in to the middle of ear? Feels like bones, cartilage are throbbing/ rubbing together? A bit like ear ache, wandered if this is another part of MAV as its something I seem to get every so often? Only seem to get it on the left which is the side I suffer all MAV symptoms on.

For me that happens with weather changes and allergies. But I’ve not noticed with my migraines. But I get jaw pain and goes up to my ear too sometimes. I usually take advil when that happens and my pain goes away. I’m on an anti anxiety medication for the Migraines. And they’ve been worse since I’ve been under a lot of stress taking care of things for my father who is on hospice. So my symptoms have been exacerbated by the stress.

yes all the time. The following help

Hot pack
Oil massage around ear

My Rolfing massage therapist has been helping me by working the jaw (inside and outside of my mouth), ears and neck.

Thank you, hotpack helped.

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Hi Vigs
Yeah heat does the trick for me…i sit with hot water bottle on at work switching it from my right ear to my nose!!! Helps loads.


The pain I get is like an icepick driven into my bad ear, then some throbbing until it fades away. Moist heat pack on jaw helps. I’ve been told this is my TMJD causing this.

Thank you it’s horrible isn’t it.

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