Ear popping/fullness and MAV: What's the connection?

Can some one please explain to me the connection between having ear popping/fullness and MAV? Many of us here have listed this as a symptom. If you DON’T have an existing ear problem or related (like BPPV, ear damage or disease, etc.), how does MAV cause ear popping and fullness? I know the ear is the balance system, but isn’t MAV as a whole an inflamed artery/blood vessel in the brain problem (along with nerve over-stimulation)? How does that affect one’s ears? Thanks.

I asked the same question to Dr. Hain and here was his answer;

  1. There is speculation that Menieres/Migraine are closely related - -perhaps share same genetic susceptibility. Thus M/M are two faces of the same disease, and have same underlying mechanisms. The genetics of both Meneire’s and Migraine are presently poorly understood.

  2. Some researchers (Dr. John Carey reviewed this at a meeting about a year ago), suggest that Migraine alters inner ear circulation and/or releases cytokines.

  3. It is also very well understood that Migraine increases sensitivity to sensory input from head – and that sensations that might go ignored in persons without Migraine are easily felt. For example, hearing the bubbles in the sink 10 minutes after the water has stopped running.


Thanks, Andrea. Hey btw, how did your consult on the phone with Dr. Hain go last week? Would you be willing to share what you asked/how he answered and anything else he may have told or suggested to you? (If so you might want to start a new topic about it.) Cheers, Bonnie

I have been wondering this, first I was diagnosed with menieres, then basilar migraine etc. etc. Yesterday, had a full blown vertigo attack which unfortunately, is still going on today, just about can sit at the computer for a few minutes. Well my left ear feels like its really full and wants to pop. In the past, have been diagnosed with endolymphatic hydrops (fluid) and fluid has been seen in that ear. I also feel the eustachian tubes play a part because I have been told before that the opposite ear is sucked in. There is something about the basilar artery going up the back of the neck and branching off (not sure, but think to the ears). Too much for my dizzy head to go into at the moment.

I’ve been wondering this, too: I’ve been diagnosed with either Meniere’s or MAV, and from what I’ve been reading in the last week or so, more of my symptoms fit with MAV than Meniere’s… except the fact that I’ve been deaf in one ear for over 5 months now, and I was having weird hearing issues in both ears for over a year before I first got dizzy.

The deafness came on with the first dizziness attack (about 2 weeks after the initial attack). I’d get dizzy in waves that would come on about 5-20 times a day, and there would sometimes be an increased fullness in my right ear along with very loud tinnitus. One day, right after doing yoga (exercise seemed to make the fullness more likely), my ear just sort of “closed off”, never to be heard from again. I was immediately put on prednisone and got a tiny bit of my hearing back about 2 weeks later, but there’s been no improvement at all since. Gradually, over the course of about a month to a month and a half, I got fewer and fewer waves of dizziness, but my hearing never improved. Then about a month after my full balance recovery, I had another attack… It’s different this time: it doesn’t come on so much in waves, and it’s much more constant. I don’t really know what to think, and since the dietary recommendations for Meniere’s and MAV pretty much cancel each other out and leave me with very little left to eat, I would rather pick one or the other to treat, but I don’t know which doctor to listen to.

So… have any of you who are positive you have MAV also had long-term deafness and/or hearing issues? Is it possible that this is all just MAV, or do all the weird ear symptoms mean it might also be something else?