Ear problems in your life

I was wondering how many of you have had ear problems in your life before you went for all the in depth ENT testing. For instance, I have had 3 x perforated eardrums, the first one when I was a tiny baby. Used to get a lot of earache as a child as well. It would be interesting to see if there was ear damage there before the MAV.

Eventually, when I had tests done at ENT, they thought I had menieres (diagnosed from an ECOG test where the pressure went over 60) (I was hospitalized with that test with severe vertigo). Right beating nystagmus on one of the tests, years and years before 54% parasis in the bad ear. Other tests after, didnt see much wrong. None of the tests were conclusive really. They finally said “endolymphatic hydrops”. Then of course, onto the neurologists, who said I had vestibular migraine.


No issues ever with my lugs. Nada.

Now, give me a machete and I’m going to lop off my left ear. No questions asked. Gone. Think Van Gogh.

Earless Muppo on the loose…


I have some slight high pitch hearing loss in my left ear, but nothing significant whatsoever. I had ringing occasionally, maybe once a month I would notice it. Now, the ringing is making me crazy – I wake up with it every morning, it’s one of the most annoying symptoms.

I have had mild tinnitus since a child, one or two ear aches a year as a child, and an occasional several seconds high pitch whistle all of my life. That’s about it.

None here, other than a bit of hearing loss due to being 61, having worked with power tools for decades, and motorcycled for 26 years (full-face helmet, good mufflers, but nonetheless).


Old member here who has been off for a while after being diagnosed with Superior Canal Dehiscence and having a craniotomy (yes, they cut a large hole in my skull, pushed my brain aside, and burrowed down to my inner ear to fix the bone). No fun, but it helped. Now I am dealing with endolymphatic hydrops and a lovely perilymph fistula caused by Lord knows what----either the surgery itself or the post-surgery 14 hours of non-stop vomitting. And, I still have to get the other side done—whippee! Anyways, my doc is a firm believer that Vestibular Mograine can certainly CAUSE Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops (IF you don’t have Meneire’s—which would be Primary Endo. Hydrops). So, it’s not that you have one or the other----you most likely have both if you have been told you have one or the other. As I have said before on this site many times, I urge each and every one of you to get the highly specific SCD HIGH RESOLUTION CT to look for Superior Canal Dehiscence. If I hadn’t pushed for that test, I would have continued to take useless meds. and be misdiagnosed.

Well, this was quite a surprise. I expected a lot more people to have had ear problems.

Jessie… I sympathise, I have had bad tinnitus for 4 months now, never had much before that. Its like a high pitched hissing, like a plane taking off, nothing seems to calm it down.

Pinkone … that op sounds horrible. I believe Annie (I think its serendipity) on here had the same operation. Interesting that your dr. thinks vestibular migraine can cause the endolymphatic hydrops, as I have been diagnosed with that.

Thanks for the replies.


i have some inter-mittant Tinnitus (off and on)…but generally it’s not real loud…must alot of hissing and or cricket chirping.


Hi, I had a middle ear infection about 4 years ago, an since what it feels like a blocked Eustachian tube. My dizziness started 4 months ago and was just recently diagnosed with 60% damage to the right vestibular organ (3 months ago I had the same test done, no abnormalities showed up). Apparently (according to dr, Hain) MAV can cause such damage. But it makes me wonder: wouldn’t MAV cause bilateral paresis rather than unilateral?

I had a middle ear infection once in 1998 and that’s it. My ears were fine all through my life. I have, however, always been sensitive to sound. Even as as a young kid I freaked out when fireworks were going off over my head. It never bothered my brothers.


As a child I had several ear infections, always in my right ear, and have slight permanent high frequency loss in that ear. I also think I have eustachian tube dysfunction as I have trouble equalising the pressure in my ears when descending in mountains or airplanes and use 12-hour nasal sprays beforehand if I have to fly.

The fact that my recent hearing loss/distortion was unilateral (left ear only) is the one reason I question whether this my dizzy symptoms are really due to migraine. Still, none of us has perfectly symmetric anatomy so it is very possible that a systemic problem (migraine) plus a unilateral pre-existing defect could lead to purely unilateral symptoms.