Ear ringing?

I was just wanted to know who has ear ringing as one of your mav symptoms? When I read about everyones symptoms I don’t see that listed. It was the first mav symptom I got in Feb. 08 and then about a month later the dizziness, boat rocking feeling, nausea, visual problems, etc.

Yes, it is one of the symptoms that many of us here have. It can vary from ringing, to buzzing, to intermittant ringing. So welcome to the club!

Yes, I have had fluctuating tinnitus (ringing) since this all started. I decsribe it as the sound of a sea shell times ten or even louder at times. Over the last six months or so, the sea shell roar I get has become an indication that I will be having a bad day either later on that day or the next day.



Yes. I’ve had a high pitched ringing tinnitus since I was eleven. However since MAV it fluctuates a lot and it gets louder for the days my symptoms are really bad, so basically when I am in the midst of an attack. It’s an indication that things are really revved up.

I also have this. If I am in bed at night and all is quiet I can sometimes hear what I describe as my heart beat in my ears, although it is not a true thump more like a woosh sound…

Hi Julie,

Welcome to mvertigo! Yes, I have periodic ear ringing although it’s nothing like it once was. Initially, with a VN attack (which kicked this off) I had a permanent tinnitus for about 5 months and then one day it just stopped. It may have been something to do with the anxiety it generated at the time as well although I can’t be sure. Sometimes if I eat a food that I should avoid, I will wake in the night with my ears ringing. Once up and moving around it slowly dies down and goes again. One other thing I get frequently is sudden ear ringing that lasts for about 2 minutes during the day. It can happen at any time for no good reason and then just vanishes. Does anyone else get that?

Scott 8)

Hey Scott, I also get the 1-2 minute ringing for no apparent reason…I used to keep a log when it occurs to see if I could link it to weather, stress, time of day, food, etc, to no avail. It happens in one ear or the other, but never both ears at the same time. I will say that when I was on Verapamil the low pitch heart beat noises were gone and the ringing was much more infrequent - it didnt do much if anything for the overall every day dizziness and I was retaining water so I stopped it. I may go back to a lower dose in combination with another med…we will see. Ben

I’ve got occasional severe vertigo, which they are still trying to diagnose.

If there is ear ringing, would Meniere’s disease be more likely than MAV?

Meniere’s is usually treated with diuretics (aka “water pills”). From reading the produt information, it sounds like Topamax might actually aggravate Meniere’s.