Ears- fluid and tinnitus

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if anyone else diagnosed with mav, experiences a definite feeling of squelchy fluid in their ears? I know people talk of pressure and ear fullness,(I always feel like I’m under water) but what about hearing a squelchy sound or click/crunch or sort of a pop thar doesn’t pop anything when swallowing/yawning?

I figure that’s to do with eustachian tube but my ent said the pressure in my ears was normal so there’s no fluid- does anyone know if that’s actually the only test for fluid??
I know migraine can cause these ear symptoms buy sending faulty signals between brain and ear, but this really feels like actual fluid as
Also when I move my head around and tip it forward for example, the fluid seems to move.

Secondly, tinnitus has got the loudest. Last night I could still here it above 2 fans and a meditation type music track. It only used to be in one ear but now it’s both. I also hear weird whooshing sometimes if I’m lying down, as though my ear hears the fan but is interpreting it as being closer/different.

How do you deal with this??

I’m wondering if the change in weather here in the uk is affecting my ears- it’s gunna be hot tomorrow

i did have major clicking at one stage for ages but its gone now, drs kept saying its my jaw, 100% wasnt, suddenly better.meds can sometimes increase ringing, sometimes its a change in blood vessels so maybe heat can effect it (gota say uk summer is freezing compared to aus :lol:

Hmm il hope for suddenly better then!
Change in blood vessels would make sense ascwud meds so thank you.
Thanks for coming back to me :slight_smile:

Maybe less people have this ear stuff than I thought… Makes me worry at my diagnosis! Arrrgh

I believe Dr. Buchholz thinks that eustachian tube dysfunction is related to migraine. I have it and the only things that help are watching my sodium and when it rains!

Tinnitus drives me round the bend… I did have some luck with gingko biloba before this MAV episode started, but was afraid to keep taking it in case it made things worse. Now I have read that it is okay, in fact there is a supplement out there that has all of the clinically proved natural stuff - B2, CoQ10, magnesium, butterbur, feverfew etc that has gingko in it. It is called the Migraine Support Formula.

I am thinking of trying this supplement as virtually no meds have helped me, I only take valium and xanax as needed, and melatonin to sleep. I do currently take a B100 tablet 2x a day, they have always helped me to feel better my whole life & now I know why! I also take magnesium, at least 400 mg. Oh and 5htp has helped as well, with anxiety. I keep running out of other things like the CoQ10 due to $$ issues - disability does not pay much.

I am a little bit leary of the meds as they are strong and the side effects seem to effect me so strongly. I may ask for topamax tho; I understand you can take a very small dose to start of 12.5mg 2x a day, and that for some people it helps with the brain fog rather than making it worse… brain fog is a BIG symptom of mine… I was a bit leary of topamax as it is called the super model drug - makes you skinny and stupid!! I don’t think I could handle the stupid part… :wink: