So last July I came down with what has now been diagnosed as MAV by Dr. Rauch. The very first symptom I experienced was a loud, overwhelming noise in my left ear, accompanied by minor hearing loss in that ear. It wasn’t until later that I started having issues with dizziness and headaches.

I started treating the MAV by being strict about hydration, my sleep schedule, destressing, etc. and I went on Nortriptyline a few months ago (currently at 40 mgs.) In the past few months I’ve been doing very well–my dizziness and other symptoms have diminished significantly. While I have never gotten rid of the tinnitus altogether, the particular noise which started this whole thing–a very loud, very obnoxious wooshing or roaring–had gone away, and only the ringing (high pitched, and in both ears) remained. My hearing returned to normal or near normal as well.

However, yesterday the noise came back. I don’t have a headache, I’m not dizzy, and I generally feel pretty good. My routine has been pretty normal and nothing I can think of has changed lately–no new foods, strange sleep schedule, or extra stress.

So I don’t understand why all of a sudden this noise comes back out of nowhere! Does this happen to anyone else? My sense is that other people on this forum generally only have their tinnitus ramp up when they are feeling poor. And this isn’t just a louder version of what I normally hear–it’s a completely different noise. It’s so loud I can hear it over music, the TV, and the fan. It’s driving me nuts! I’m so frustrated and I just do not understand why it would just randomly come back. Any ideas? Do other people struggle with this?

Yes, it happens to other people. My preferred ear noise is a simple sea shell held up to the ear with the volume maxed out. The days that it drives me nuts is when the sea shell sound is replaced with a dial tone or air raid siren. It gets extremely difficult to hear anything over those sounds. I also get the “emergency broadcast signal” squelch as well. That one I can hear over, but it is almost painful because it is so high pitched.

The sea shell sound is my preferred even though it can get so loud that I can’t hear out of the affected ear, and I can’t trust what I hear in the other ear. It has been a constant in my life for the last 12 years. So when the dial tone/air raid/ebs sounds fade back to my normal sea shell roar, it is comforting to be back to the norm. :lol: