Ecg changes- regular heart palpitations

Just a little bit of what has been going on. For the last three months i have been bedridden with 24/7 severe migraines with severe vertigo. I got my way up to 240mg of verapamil and that controlled my migraines enough so i felt pain free days and then added 200mg of epilim for my vertigo. I use to get heart palms during my migraines or when i was going to bed.

After starting in verap my night palls left but i started getting a heart skip while doing things it was till i i was on 240mg for two weeks did i start getting heart skips everytime i did anything and chest pain, it was also the time i started epilim.

I then got sent for an ecg and it came back as abnormal with two things wrong, im being sent to a cardiologist and my gp said to not change my meds, but i spoke to my spec he says to halve the verap and go up on epilim, i halved the verap and now my hert is worse, may just be my body adjusting or it could be more the epilim coming through.

I now dont want to go up on epilim because topamax sent my heart into chaos and nearly left me in hospital so if they aren’t sure which ones causing the issue i dont really want to change except im now getting migraines again and i cant afford that to happen either.
Anyone else experienced these kind of issues?

Sorry my phone likes to change words. I did have a normal ecg in may and have had two c sections that were also normal heart beats during them