Effexor 15 years .. hmm

I wanted to see if anybody else has been on Effexor for over a decade now it’s been 15 years I am hoping I’m not the only one I was able to taper from 75 to 37.5mg when I’d been on it about a decade it took me two years of taking granules out it was really hard I’ve tried so many different tapering tricks trying to get off the 37.5 at various times I honestly don’t think I can be without it that’s a conclusion I may or may not stick to after my latest failed attempt I tell myself at least it’s the lowest dose when I was at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles many years ago my doctor wanted me on a much bigger dose my newest neurologist at Cedar Sinai in LA said he thinks the medication shouldn’t be used and when he gets patients who have been on Effexor for longer than a couple of years he tells them not to go off of it he thinks it permanently changes brain chemistry but what if it’s the only thing that works I don’t know I am looking for some guidance from y’all I’m feeling down a plethora of new and too many symptoms lately but if it helps it helps I guess quandaries I hope I’m making sense sending love to everyone