Effexor day 3

Hi everyone -

Thank you so much for your posts and support regarding my flareup post. I felt hope when I read all your positive comments. Today has been a struggle emotionally as well as physically. I have a terrible headache…I never get headaches like this anymore. I started freaking thinking it was the effexor. Anyways…I am dropping all my supplements tonight. I think they are what is making me nauseated. I don’t do well on high potentcy supplements. I think I started too much too close together. I am still praying the effexor will work. When should I expect improvement??

Wishing you all well.

I am trying to deal with the revved up head feeling, almost vibrating with the feeling vertigo can strike at any second along with my dizziness, head pressure, etc. My ears feel full too. Okay…I am done complaining. It can only get better, right? The one good thing that came out of this flareup…I lost like 10 lbs. I would rather be 10 pounds heavier and feeling good. My anxiety is kicking my butt too.

Thanks again to all of you, I find strength in your support.