Effexor Trial

I am day 20 of my effexor trial and I don’t think things are going well! I spent two weeks going from 100mg of amitriptyline to 50 mg (tolerable). Then I started introducing the effexor. I was prescribed 37.5mg capsules of the extended release with the following directions:
week one: open capsule and take 1/3 (I had no side effects)
week two: open capsule and take 2/3 (slight nausea for 4-5 days)
week tree: take entire capsule (been nauseous, dizzy, unbalanced)

This morning I tried taking the meds outside of the capsule, but it made no difference. I feel the same. I might try it again tomorrow and see what happens. I put an e-mail lout to my doctor Friday afternoon, but I don’t think I’ll hear anything until Monday.

I felt better BEFORE this it seems counter productive…



Hi Sarah,

Try and stick it out for about 6-8 weeks if you can tolerate it. I think if there’s nothing going on by then, you should rethink the med. To be honest, I don’t know where Hain gets his 80% effective stats from. I have seen only a few people here over the years report any compelling results from Effexor.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Scott :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott,
I’m not sure where Hain gets that number from either. I just got an e-mail from Dr. Cherchi advising me to go back down to 2/3 of a capsule and to start taking it at night. HMMM… If I took it Sunday morning at 9AM, does that mean the next time I would take it would be Monday night?

I’m on Fex at this time, and so far it’s keeping me in the 80-90% range. Still have motion intolerance, and some ear discomfort. Scott is right…stick this out…you might need to go up to 75mg after 4 weeks. What happened with me is that about a month into 37.5mg, I had three straight weeks of nirvana. Then I got dizzy again, but the head discomforts have largely disappeared. Hain bumped it to 75mg, and so far it’s been good enough. I don’t like how I feel on it - a bit medicated - but I like the anti-anxiety qualities. I attribute my MAV onset to stress. I’m actually on venlafaxine, which is in pill format. I used a pill cutter to triate up with the original 37.5 dose…apparently Hain never heard of that before. MUCH easier than counting pellets. As for when to take your next dose, hope you figured it out by now…but I wouldn’t have waited that long… withdrawal symptoms could erupt.

As for me, when dizziness is too much, I reach for .25mg of Ativan…but I am very careful to use this only when needed since they are so highly addictive. Usually any head issues I can stem off with an Aleve.


Thanks for the input! I always appreciate hearing when something has worked out for someone…
I have this newly developed rash/hive thing going on. Possibly from the medication? It’s on my eyelids and I’ve not done any changing of makeup/skin care etc.


I saw your post and wanted to let you know that I’m on effexor (150 mg.) and am feeling better (85-90%). I take it in the AM and 120 mg. of verapamil in the PM. The 150 mg. is higher than Dr. Hain usually prescribes however he agreed to write the scripts increasing dosages as I started to feel better each time it was bumped up. I hope it works for you. Constipation is the worst of the side effects for me. Good luck to all.


Hi Sasad,
I’ve been on effexor for over a year.
It did help with neck scull and shoulder pain.
it never stopped my migraine , infact it might have given me more, but having said that, it did CALM DOWN the symptoms.
Dothep was better at STOPPING the migriane.

( I had to stop using Dothep due to tackycardia of the AV node)
I’ve now had an op to stop that.

good luck .

18 years of MAV
, a Life time of silent migriane aura.