Effexor vs. Pristiq

I know much of this has been discussed before but I have another doctor’s appointment this week. Since I have pretty much tried everything to reduce the rocking and headache, the last things that I have not tried are Effexor or Pristiq, or PXP. For those of you who have used those things which way would you go?

If you feel that is better not to start this thread again please send me a PM with your opinion. I find that I learn so much more from reading your posts than from the doctors.

One problem I had was increased liver enzymes from something but don’t know what.

Thank you in advance for your opinions.

Hi Sally, I know that Julie has had much better success on Pristiq than Effexor - if you search for Pristiq you will find that discussion. I am currently on Effexor, having worked up to 37.5 mg over 3 weeks and have not had much of a positive reaction yet. Dr. Hain had mentioned that after another week or two if I continue to have no improvment, he may bump me up to 75 mg or switch me to Pristiq (or possibly add Verapamil or Propanol). It seems from what I have read from others’ experiences that most start out on Effexor. Dr. Hain said that Pristiq metabolizes differently than Effexor (I think it avoids going through the liver) and it may be a better alternative for some but you may not know unless you first try Effexor. Because Pristiq is so new, I think some may have concerns about dosing (I think it is a straight 50 mg dose) and how to eventually come off of it but I am not sure. Good luck. Ben